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Authors Pictures and brief biographies of archive authors from 9 countries 6m 8g 54kb
Case for and against astrology. A comprehensive must-read overview 16m 2g 68kb
Overview of studies in this archive. Astrology is not the mystery it used to be 3m 1g 48kb
Journals Contents of Correlation, APP, AinO, Kosmos since 1977/1982 55m 9g 138kb
Links One hundred useful websites for researchers. Fully annotated 35m 2g 111kb
New Book Tests of Astrology: A critical review of hundreds of studies 6m 6g 79kb
Projects A guide to easy tests of astrology for students doing projects 12m 59kb
References from academic databases. 1700 articles mention astrology 120m 1g 222kb
Sources Where to find evidence-based research into astrology 25m 1g 83kb
Philosophy and statistics of this archive. How to contact us 4m 3g 50kb

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Sun signs
Birth charts

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Sun signs
Compatibility Sun signs fail world's biggest test on 27 million couples 16m 6g 68kb
Dead end Last-ditch attempt to devise successful tests brings no new ideas 40m 104kb
History and validity of sun signs. The most disconfirmed idea in astrology 55m 126kb
Not even close Three reviews of Sachs's best-seller find fatal defects 40m 1g 105kb
True Confessions How testing sun signs at a party ruined my love life 2m 45kb
Birth charts
Best of Correlation, APP, AinO, Kosmos. Summaries of 91 top studies 110m 9g 210kb
Effect size Compare astrology with graphology, palmistry, psychology 14m 5g 63kb
Tests Meta-analyses of 300 empirical studies give a clear verdict 20m 6g 72kb
History of Gauquelin planetary effects that created baffling puzzles 55m 13g 127kb
Social artifacts provide the only plausible explanation of the puzzles 60m 16g 135kb
Evolution of claimed evidence for astrology. Six examples 1850-1976 30m 5g 84kb
Origins of Recent Advances in Natal Astrology. 3 interviews 1978-1989 25m 3g 79kb
Psi and astrology. Includes intuition, time twins, many tests. 96 references 55m 2g 131kb
Research Five researchers answer 150 questions about research 190m 5g 317kb
Science Is it relevant? A 1994 survey of 25 astrologers and 8 scientists 5m 51kb
Chart reading challenges 1906-1914 by Alan Leo were first of their kind 25m 3g 81kb
Competitions to prove astrology. Fifteen including the $5000 superprize 85m 168kb
Sleuthing contests 1992-1994. Aim was consensus on what works best 18m 70kb
Truth of astrology competition 1997 had 29 entries 30m 88kb



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Artifacts in data. Some were the best claimed evidence for astrology 12m 2g 63kb
Hidden persuaders Artifacts in experience make astrology seem to work 12m 63kb
My disaster Artifacts led this astrologer seriously astray. A true story 30m 7g 85kb
Tarot Why birth charts are like tarot cards 20m 4g 75kb
Critiques -- early
Cicero 50 BC and Pico 1490 AD. Two famous attacks on astrology 6m 52kb
Flamsteed first UK astronomer royal. His 1674 critique still applies 7m 1g 53kb
Sextus Empiricus Arguments against astrology c200 AD are still relevant 20m 73kb
Critiques -- modern
Concepts In-depth critique of astrology's ideas with 250 references 120m 1g 233kb
Horary Brief critique reveals disagreements and ambiguous rules 4m 49kb
Learning A teacher explains with examples why astrology is so hard 20m 1g 72kb
Sophia Centre Predictions made in 1999 about its future in academia 30m 88kb
Theories A review of 25 theories of astrology. Only one has survived testing 35m 94kb
Philosophers speak out. Views of astrology by philosophers 1980-2008 16m 68kb
Position on astrology in 2006. Modernising a 1983 German consensus 30m 89kb
Problems of astrology as a source of meaning 20m 76kb
Debunking critics of astrology. It helps to be selective and uninformed 25m 5g 83kb
Jaws Famous astrologer attacks this archive's researchers 20m 74kb
Star Wars 2003. Astrologers' predictable outrage at negative findings 25m 82kb
Usurpers How to wrongly see scientists as undercover astrologers 25m 80kb

in daily life

Value of

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Astrologer meets client Tricks of the trade. With 10 cartoons 16m 10g 67kb
Counselling Using astrology as a tool. With 115 references 95m 1g 185kb
Murder Astrologers rated these serial killers as good guys 12m 62kb
Attitudes to God. As revealed by 1993 survey of 288 UK astrologers 6m 1g 52kb
Divination Astrology shows clear links with divinatory practices 35m 1g 96kb
Religion or science? Which fits astrology best? Answer is religion 9m 56kb
Spirituality of astrology can enrich lives in the same way that religion can 5m 50kb
Atlantis Falcon A New Age whodunnit in the style of Raymond Chandler 12m 59kb
Impractical Astrology Biting satirical humour from astrologers 9m 1g 56kb
Rhetoric Guidance from philosophers for astrologers who find logic confusing 3m 48kb
Value of
How astrology helps A 1984 review by a German religious academic 7m 53kb
Indian scientists 2001-2003 on Vedic astrology. 30 views for and against 20m 75kb
Optimum place Astrology is an aid to talking, not a source of knowledge 9m 56kb
Quality guidance is claimed for astrology by this 1907 prize-winning essay 5m 50kb
Value Eight views praising astrology from Alan Leo's 1910 symposium 25m 74kb

& Tributes

Book reviews
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Tributes to
key figures

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Book reviews
Astrology File (Sachs 1998) A best-seller. 3 reviews find fatal defects 40m 1g 105kb
Astrology Really Works! (Magi 1995) This one really doesn't! 12m 1g 63kb
Astrology, Science and Culture (Willis & Curry 2004) Postmodern futility 30m 87kb
Cosmos and Psyche (Tarnas 2006) The well-travelled road to disaster 35m 1g 94kb
Environmental Cosmology (McRitchie 2004) Astrology as usual 6m 52kb
Manifesto (Guinard 1993) French PhD thesis runs on pseudoscience 16m 67kb
Self-defence/Case for Astrology (Parry 1990/West 1991) Blind eyes 20m 75kb
General Praise from 9 countries for the content of this archive 3m 47kb
Specific 26 topics from 8 countries with our response 16m 65kb
Hans J Eysenck 1916-1997. His work in fringe areas including astrology 20m 2g 75kb
Michel & Francoise Gauquelin End of an era. Tributes with pictures 12m 2g 60kb
Charles Harvey 1940-2000. AA President and patron of research 16m 5g 66kb
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