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Impractical Astrology
Bitingly satirical humour from astrologers

Abstract -- A selection of humour from The Impractical Astrologer, an anonymous anthology edited and published by Kim Farnell, London 1995 and 1996. The targets for satire in this selection are well-known schools of astrology (identified by initials whose authentic owners will be readily recognised by astrologers), horary astrology and its dubious link with reality, astronomical technicalities no matter how trivial, Pluto planting (a complete answer to the frantic pace of gardening by the Moon), aphorisms (pithy sayings that in this case are about the advantages of vagueness), astrological therapy with significators (factors in the birth chart that support therapeutic statements that in this case are wildly unrealistic), astronomy simplified, and the Lodge Point (a play on the former Astrological Lodge of London). You don't have to be an astrologer to get the message.

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