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Theories of astrology
A comprehensive survey

An updated and abridged version of a discourse by Dean, Loptson, Kelly and seven others in Correlation 1996, 15(1), 17-52 with 84 references. Part 4 (theories to explain astrology's perceived value) is new.

Abstract -- Astrologers and researchers need a good testable theory to explain how astrology is perceived to work, to avoid conceptual problems, and to guide their inquiries. None of the existing spiritual, physical, informational, psychic, and magical theories are useful, being either untestable or incompatible with existing knowledge. The same defects apply to the theories of Jung, Elwell, Hand, Guinard, and Scofield. In contrast a new non-astrological theory of astrology is useful and has survived repeated testing. Explains the role of theories and how to assess their usefulness. Along the way many of astrology's internal problems are uncovered and discussed. Theories to explain astrology's perceived value reduce to astrology having the right priorities. It can give the feeling of understanding our place within the whole. Memes (any information that is copied from person to person) are a powerful new way to explain astrology's longevity and perceived value. 46 references.

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