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Why the study of astrology
should be encouraged

Prize-winning essay from Alan Leo's Modern Astrology 1907, 4, 5-7

Abstract -- Gives 33 reasons presented in 1907 why the study of astrology should be encouraged. Some of them (such as showing "whom to admit as equals") might be unacceptable to many astrologers today. The rest reduce to: Because astrology has attracted great minds, is a better source of knowledge than science, reveals our place in the world, prevents many mistakes and misfortunes, is a speedy cure for profanity, gives good guidance on health, marriage, friends, travel, employment, where to live, in fact on all things, will revolutionise the world, and has never been proven false. Seven similar reasons from a 1910 article are included. Most of the reasons are incompatible with modern research findings.

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