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Patron of research
A tribute to Charles Harvey 1940-2000

Arthur Mather and Geoffrey Dean

An expanded version of the original tribute in Astrological Journal 42(6), 45-46, Nov/Dec 2000.

Abstract -- Charles Harvey influenced the course of 20th century scientific research into astrology more than anyone else. His eminence within astrology, and his enthusiasm for scientific research, led to his becoming a key figure in the astrology-science debate. Without Charles there would be no Recent Advances, no Correlation, no London Research Conferences, no Kepler Days, no British research tradition to lead the world, and no websites like Like his mentor John Addey, he pinned his hopes on Neoplatonic ideas (true reality is intangible and manifests through number) and on a scientific revolution that would eventually validate astrology as a "systematic algebra of life and consciousness." Such an astrology, he believed, would heal mankind's ills by uniting spiritual and material values. Unfortunately research failed to support astrology to the extent that everyone had hoped, and in the years since his death the support has grown even weaker. The divide between astrology and science is still not bridged. Ironically Charles's efforts may have inspired a growing recognition, at least among researchers and innovators, that astrology is a spiritual endeavour not a material one. And with this, in contrast to his own belief, comes the need for a separation between perceived inner meaning and outward reality, between astrology and science, as the constructive way forward. Without Charles and the achievements he set in motion, the position today might be far less clear.

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