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Are scientists undercover astrologers?
Some astrologers think so

Ivan W Kelly and Geoffrey Dean

Abstract -- Some supporters of astrology claim that various areas of science are really astrology in disguise. For example an astrological principle is that "celestial-terrestrial correlations exist", therefore any area is astrological if it involves things like biological clocks, bird migration, bee navigation, weather and earthquakes, as well as notions such as the Gaia hypothesis and Grand Unification theories in physics. But such things are irrelevant to what astrologers actually do. To describe them as astrological is to claim that modern astrology is scientific when in fact it is quite the opposite. In effect the claim tries to obtain support for astrology on the cheap. To paraphrase what Winston Churchill said of Mussolini, "Astrologers want Napoleon's victories without fighting Napoleon's battles." Are scientists undercover astrologers? Most definitely not. It may have been true in the Middle Ages but not today. 45 references.

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