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Readers' comments on this website
As at July 2013

Abstract -- So far only praise for this website's impartiality and information content. "It is a breath of fresh air to see such an informative site not inspired by financial gain, personal belief or religion." "Amazingly informative!"

Some readers just say thank you, for example:
Thank you for this wonderfully informative website. (Australia)
Thank you very much for an excellent website. (Brazil)
Congratulations to your website. It is a great resource. (Hungary)
I want to simply commend you for your outstanding work. (USA)
Excellent. Keep up the good work. (USA)

Other readers explain why they like the website, for example:
Excellent collection of articles for those looking for the truth in astrology. (Belgium)

It is a breath of fresh air to see such an informative site not inspired by financial gain, personal belief or religion. (Australia)

I think the kind of research you are doing is commendable and amazing! Please continue not to let personal views get in the way of presenting the findings of your research. (India)

Your site is refreshingly different. If people who are interested in astrology are barking up the wrong tree, we might as well know about it, and the sooner the better. Your panel includes a number of former astrologers, who know exactly what tests should demonstrate the validity of astrology if there is validity to be found. Your articles don't treat the issue as a foregone conclusion, or as something not really in need of proof. Instead, you apply the principles of scientific inquiry to the question of astrology -- just as one should do. ... I shall enjoy following your site for new insights into the astrology debate from responsible skeptics. (USA)

Dicussing anything with an astrology believer seldom leads to a productive exchange. One grows weary of wallowing in endless ad hominems, appeals to ignorance, straw men, non sequiturs, red herrings, fallacious arguments based upon observational selection, and post hoc ergo propter hoc reasoning. Then I came across your site. It was a gold mine, informative and useful, just what I was looking for. Members of my group now quote it extensively to counter those who are still enslaved by superstition and ignorance. (USA)

Congratulations on a wonderful website which I found just a week ago. I have been looking for a follow up of Recent Advances in Natal Astrology (which I own and use since 1980) and the latest on the Gauquelin research. Your site has met my expectations! (USA)

Your website is really very good. It is easy to navigate through and I like the abstracts before the full downloads. I think the organisation of material makes sense and I found it very intuitive. I can't think of what else you could do. (UK)

I've found your website to be incredibly helpful and have cited numerous articles in it. The abstracts for the articles and the references inside are just perfect. (USA)

With great pleasure I am reading through your website. The candor that you [Rudolf Smit] use to explain your personal involvement with astrology is just beautiful. Once, many years ago, one of the world's really foremost astrologers was discussing Eva Peron's horoscope. I pointed out that he was using a birth date nine years different from the real one. He was not surprised at all. One might have expected something like "Oops, what a mistake, I must change it", but nothing of the sort happened. Instead, he told me that it had worked OK for him so far, and never talked about it again. I am very much interested in your work and research, Receive my very best wishes. (Argentina)

I really admire your site and want to say thank you. I'm not used to saying such things but I feel you've really earned it. In my life I don't remember seeing such an organised site on such a topic. It is amazingly informative! (Israel)

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