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Understanding Astrology:
A critical review of a thousand empirical studies 1900-2020

Abstract -- Fifty years ago empirical studies were the hardest things to find in astrology. Today there are more than a thousand of them hidden in a hundred journals, dozens of books, academic theses, conference reports, websites, unpublished studies, and little-known hard-to-find specialised collections. For the first time this new book collects all of them -- not just the ones selected to prove a point -- and subjects them to rigorous critical thinking. The results explain why for many people there is more to astrology than being true or false. Understanding Astrology has 952 pages, more than 650,000 words, 750 pictures, 650 graphs, nearly 500 tables, over 4000 references, glossary (85 entries), name and subject indexes, and a concise style free of waffle. It is Open Access and can be downloaded for free as four pdf files totalling 38 MB, see full article. No registration or login is required. Hardcover copies with a durable sewn binding (lies flat) are available direct from the publisher for 65 euros excluding postage. Not available in paperback or from bookshops. Important: Published in late 2022, it updates the information on the website.

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