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Astro sleuthing contests
Research for the working astrologer

T Patrick Davis (1927-2001)

This article originally appeared in Correlation 16(2), 3-9, 1997

Abstract -- Astro Sleuthing Contests are aimed at reaching consensus on what works and doesn't work in astrology, ranging from individual factors to entire techniques. Each contest is based on a case similar to those commonly encountered by working astrologers but with two important differences: each case has a clear-cut outcome, and the data are of the highest quality. The required chart judgements are therefore both realistic and assessable. Astrologers are invited to send in their judgements together with details of their methods. A pilot study using six contests during 1992-94 produced much interest and some encouraging results but had to be discontinued due to lack of participants. The general indications were alarming. They confirmed what has long been known, namely that astrological methods are afflicted by total confusion, and that astrologers are generally unwilling to reduce this confusion by putting their methods to the test. Furthermore, astrologers whose methods clearly failed continued to use them as though nothing had happened, while methods showing superiority were ignored. This is no way to run a "profession". The problem will need to be addressed by astrologers as a whole when co-operation for the common good becomes a priority. Until then the professional astrologer will remain a contradiction in terms.

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