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Archive updated by book 3m
Astrologer meets client 16m
Case for and against 16m
Spirituality 5m
True Confessions 2m
For sun signs try the last
APP contents
APP links with NCGR
Academia and astrology
Academic databases
Accidents Pluto
Accidents Sun transits
Achievements sci vs astrol
Age of Aquarius start
Agreement, tests of
- as case against
- meta-analysis of
- tests of
AinO contents
Almanacs data in
Anything goes
- authors
- history
- philosophy
- statistics
- overview
See also Value
- for and against
- from experience
- in 1907
- in 1910
- in 1997
- Elwell's response
- in astrology
- - see also truth competitn
- in Gauquelin work
Artifacts in data
- harmonics (Addey)
- Jupiter Pluvius (Bradley)
- lunar effects on oysters
- marriage expt (Jung)
- matching tests (V Clark)
- planetary effects (Gauqu)
- radio effects (Nelson)
- sampling variations
- zodiac (Mayo-Eysenck)
Artifacts in reasoning
- Aunt Fanny effect
- Barnum effect
- Chance baseline shift
- Charging a fee
- Client predisposition
- Cognitive Dissonance
- Cold reading
- Confirmation bias
- Dr Fox effect
- Face validity
- Faces in clouds
- Halo effect
- Hindsight bias
- Ignorance is bliss
- Illusory correlation
- Magical thinking
- Misattribution
- Nonfalsifiability
- Palmistry, Hyman
- Placebo effect
- Pollyanna principle
- Procrustean effect
- Rapport
- Regression to mean
- Rumpelstiltskin effect
- Selective memoray
- Social desirability
- Stacking the deck
- Stereotypes
- Tea and Sympathy
- Testability veto
- Unavailable data
- Vital statistics
As above so below
- as a theory
- is vague idea
- abstracts N=5
- Ertel study
- frequency (Pottenger)
- Gauquelin study
- Niehenke study
Astro sleuthing
Astro-art forms
Astrologer meets client
- and ethics
- are scientists?
- are wise and caring
- as counsellors
- attack neg results
- attack researchers
- examples of research
- meet client
- poll of
- profile, typical
- tests of (12 abstracts)
- - see also Tests
- use failed methods
- why scientists disagree
- why A's believe
Astrological Assoc 1958
Astrol under Scrutiny
- vs Recent Advances
"Astrology works" means?
arguments see Arguments
attacks see Critiques
effect size see Effect Size
tests of see Tests
value of see Value
- and academia
- and divination
- and everyday life
- and God
- and human judgement
- and poetry
- and psi
- - theories of
- and realism
- and religion
- and science
- and scientific approach
- and spirituality
- appeals to experience
- appeals to statistics
- as art, religion
- as counselling tool
- as projection
- as useful fiction
- a tool not knowledge
- at university
- attitudes towards
- basic statements on
- claimed evidence for
- competitions in
- core ideas of
- definition of
- definitions of
- does not need to be true
- effect sizes
- - see also case
- - see also psi
- esoteric
- evidence for 1850-1976
- explanations of
- future of
- historical arguments
- how it helps life
- how not to test
- implausible links
- Indian attitudes
- interest in
- is science relevant?
- learning is hard
- Leo's tests of
- levels of interest in
- liabilities of
- literature in
- my disaster (Smit)
- needs to be true?
- not scholarly
- not source of info
- notable websites
- on the internet
- optimum place for
- organisations
- origin of ideas
- philosophical problems
- position on
- projects for students
- quotes by astrologers
- quotes by scientists
- refs to N=1700
- research base
- shd be encouraged 1907
- Smit's life story
- sources of info on
- statements about
- tests of
- theories of
- tricks of the trade
- unprofessionalism in
- views of astrologers
- views of scientists
- vs palmistry etc
- why hard to learn
Astrology under Scrutiny
- vs Recent Advances
Astro-poetics (Mayer)
Astrotest (Dutch test)
Author biographies
Bailey, Alice
Barnum in Tyl reading
Basic statements on A
Basler brief biog
Bath Spa University
Belief, reasons for
Birth chart see Chart
Birth T precision Mars eff
Blackmore (Tarot tests)
Book reviews
- Astrology File (Sachs)
- Astrology Really Works!
- Astrology Sci and Culture
- Book of Self-Defence
- Cosmos and Psyche
- Environmental Cosmology
- Manifesto (Guinard)
- The Case for Astrology
Bradley, Donald
Carlson tests 1986
Cartoons (counselling)
Case for and against A
Causality, views on
Census data vs sun signs
Chair of Astrology?
Chaos theory
Character (11 abstracts)
see also Astrology. Tests
- can clients pick own?
- exploration
- Leo's interp tests
- modern tests of
- sleuthing contests
Chewing gum, verbal
Chi-squared test
Choisnard vs Gauquelin
Client discrimination tests
Client meets astrologer
Cluster analysis (Gauqu)
Cognitive biases
Cold reading
Comments on website
- general N=14
- specific N=25
- Alan Leo 1910
- Sleuthing
- Superprize 1986
- Truth of astrology
- convenient escape
- misses the point
- vs research
Computers use of
Concepts critique of
Concepts disagreement on
Consensus need for
Contact us
Contests for consensus
Controls in experiments
- explanation
- need for
Correlation precursor
Correlation contents
Correspce, Principle of
- tests of astrology
- tricks of trade
- use of astrology in
- what makes it good
Critical thinking
Critiques - early
- Cicero
- Flamsteed astron royal
- Heydon's defence
- Pico della Mirandola
- Ptolemy refutes Cicero
- Sextus Empiricus
Critiques - modern
- by Kelly
- by researchers
- case against
- guide to
- of astro concepts
- by Patterson
- reactions to
- re-bunking
- theories of astrology
Crop yield (Moon)
Cura website
Current Science
Cyclic index and war
Daily Mail test
Danish astrology
Databases academic
Davis TP brief biog
- sleuthing contests
Dean G brief biog
Deaths 1500 cases
Deaths violent
Debate sci vs astrology
Debunkers, re-bunking
Definitions of astrology
Demographics and Sun-UR
Disagreement on fundam
See also Case
Disguising errors Flamsteed
Divination (Cicero)
Divination and astrology
E and N
Effect sizes
- astrology vs others
- examples of
- explained
- meta-analysis of
- vs sample size
Elwell attacks researchers
Emerald tablet
Emperor's New Clothes
English Mechanic
Errors, explaing away
Ertel S brief biog
Esoteric astrology
Events 17 abstracts
Evidence evolution of
- argument from personal
- as explanation of A
- disagreement in
- grand delusion of
Eysenck HJ
- birth chart
- obituary
- pic with researchers
- research seminars
Faces in clouds
- problems of
Fake superprize entry
Fakes, tests using
Faking by parents (Gauqu)
Faulty reasoning examples
Flaws, ignoring
Fog index of articles
Footballers (Sun-Moon)
Funding lack of
Future of astrology
Gacy, John (murder)
- artifacts
- by researchers
- Ertel tests
- Francoise
- heredity
- history
- Mars effect
- meta-analysis
- photographs of
- publications
- tests of N=8000
- tributes
Gemini Syndrome
Geomagnetism and Moon
German position
God attitudes to
Gods belief in
Grand Prix Astrologique
Guess SO MO AS signs
Guinard's Manifesto
Halbronn J brief biog
Hamblin D brief biog
- on spirituality
- see also Counselling
Harmonics (Addey)
Harmonics as theory
Harvey, Charles
Health connections
Health problems
Heredity (Gauquelin)
- findings (artifacts)
Hidden persuaders
see also Artifacts in R
- effect of
- in counselling
- list of
Hitler cartoon
Horary astrology
- tests of
Horoscope see Chart
- abstracts N=3
Houses continued
- comparison of
- in polar regions
- 7th rulerships
- 10th is mother
Human judgement
Humanistic astrology
- New Age
- rhetoric
- satire
Hypothetical planets are
not mentioned in archive

Ideas shifts in
Indian attitudes
Indian scientists on A
Inspiration by astrology
Internet astrology
- after the event
- styles of
- of RA compilers
- of researchers
- tests of
Jung his ideas
Jungian typology
Jupiter Pluvius
Kelly IW brief biog
Key sectors diagram of
Klein thesis (accidents)
Knegt test and follow-up
Koene B brief biog
Kosmos contents of
- not a sci journal
Krafft vs Gauquelin
Lasson vs Gauquelin
Le Compost almanac
Learning astrology
Leo A, brief biog
Leo's tests of astrology
Liabilities of astrology
Linda Goodman
Links for researchers
Liver reading
London Research Conf
Lucky stars see Sun Signs
Lunar effects meta-analysis
Magical correspondences
Marriage (MA-VE)
Marriage (SO-MO)
Mars effect
- abstracts N=11
- birth time precision
- computer re-analysis
- confirmed for physicians
- defies physical interp
- history of
- needs more studies
- opinions about
- ordinary people
- social artifacts
- unsolved problems
Matching tests
- Astrotest (Dutch)
- explanation
- McGrew & McFall
- meta-analysis
Mather A, brief biog
Media frenzy
Media ruins debate
Mercury stations
Michael Jackson
Midnight avoidance
Misreporting (Gauquelin)
Moment Supreme (Smit)
Multicongruence (Elwell)
- and Uranus
- orthodox predictors
- wrong readings
My Disaster (Smit)
NCGR links with APP
Negative definition
Nelson his claims
Nelson meta-analysis
Nepal sex trafficking
Never leave home without it
Newsp horo see Sun Signs
Nias D brief biog
Niehenke P brief biog
- problems of
O'Neill, John
Objections to A (C Carter)
Occam's Razor
Open minds
Overview of archive
- as salutary tale
- ES vs astrology
- Indian views of
- see also Rebunking
Pernicious therapies
Personal validation
Personnel psychology tests
Petiot, Marcel (murder)
Phillipson G brief biog
Phillipson interview
- ancient views
- modern views
- problems empirical
- problems re astrology
Phrenology (artifact)
Phrenology (example)
Physics, speculative
Picking own chart
- meta-analysis
- see also Psi
Placebo effects
Planetary effects
see also Mars effect
- history
- puzzles of
- tests (abstracts)
Planets in semantic space
Plus zones diagram
Pluto and accidents
Pluto (Dwyer study)
Pluto hard to study
Poetry and astrology
Politicians vs Painters
Prize competitions
Procedures sci vs astrol
Projection in Tarot
Projective tests
Projects for students
Psi and astrology
Psychic ability tests of
Psychic ability
Psychological A, problems
Psychotherapies types of
Radio (Nelson)
Ray Theory and sun signs
Re-bunking debunkers
Reactions to neg results
- see also Interview
Readers views
- general N=11
- specific N=25 with replies
Readings, disagreeing
Reasoning errors
- see also Interview
Recent Advances
References N=1700
References guide
- attitudes towards
- A is not science
- or is A science?
- anti-research ploys
- approaches to
- Astrology under Scrutiny
- background to
- bibliography
- by astrologers
- Charles Harvey role in
- discussion of
- interest in
- methods
- overviews
- questions on N=150
- Recent Advances role
- researchers interview
- revolution in
Research results
- abstracts of N=91
- astro sleuthing
- can they improve?
- Carlson's tests 1985
- effect sizes
- Flamsteed's tests 1674
- in competitions
- Leo's tests 1906-1914
Research continued
- meta-analyses
- on other sites
- overview, brief
- overview, detailed
- scientific approach
- tests of astrologers
- top studies N=91
Rorschach test
Safeguards rejected by Elwell
Sample size vs effect size
Schneider, Marie
Science and Scientists
- approach to astrology
- - on being properly sci
- relevant to astrology?
- response to N=186
- scientism
- undercover astrologers?
- why astrologers disagree
Search terms of visitors
- meta-analysis
Sex trafficking in Nepal
Shouting match
- abstracts N=16
- sidereal
- SO MO AS guessing
- SO ME VE MA at uni
Skeptic vs Sceptic
Skeptic websites
Sleuthing contests
Smit R brief biog
- life with astrology
Social artifacts
- Ertel response
- in Gauquelin data
Sophia Centre
Sources of info
- abstracts N=91
- guide to sources
- journal contents
- links N=100
- references N=1700
- student projects
Spirit guides
Statistical view
Statue of Liberty
Strength of association
Summary of website
Sun transits vs accidents
Sun-Uranus and demog
Sunday Referee
Sun signs
- Astrology File
- books
- call for Govt Health W
- call to orgs for action
- chi-squared test and
- comments on
- compatibility eg's of
- - rank correlation check
- - tests of
- controversy over
- Dawkins attack on
- Delineations
- - accuracy
- - examples of
- - history
- - tests of
- - vs forecasts
- demographic effects
- discussion
- DIY test of
- epistem hallucin
- factor analysis of
- for lovers tests of
- Forecasts
- - accuracy
- - examples of
- - history
- - tests of
- - vs delineations
- guessing
- guide to DIY tests
- history of
- Invitation to devise tests
- - invitation
- - response
- junkies
- longevity
- Naylor RH
- newspaper columns
- Nobel laureates
- no new tests
- phonelines
- - see also profits
- Pisces is immortal
- position statements
- prize competitions
- Ray Theory
- ruined my love life
- self-attribution
- True Confessions
- validity of
- value of
- what columnists earn
- world's largest tests
Superprize $5000
- critique of
- problems of
- too flexible
Tenth house = mother
Tests of astrologers
- in Case Against
- large-scale tests
- meta-analysis
- - see also psi
- Vernon Clark tests
Tests of astrology
- guide for students
- in Case Against
- meta-analyses
- top studies N=91
Theories of astrology
- Cosmic Loom (Elwell)
- harmonics (Addey)
- holographic order
- implicate order (Bohm)
- information (Shannon)
- magical correspondnce
- morphic resonance
- pineal gland (McGillion)
- psychic models (ESP)
- resonance (Seymour)
- review of
- synchronicity (Jung)
Time quality (Jung)
Time travel
Time twins tests of
- Hemmings-KG3
Tradition vs Gauquelin
- Charles Harvey
- HJ Eysenck
- M & F Gauquelin
True Confessions
Truth of astrol comp
UGC (India)
Unconscious processes
University of Wales
Uranus-NE conjunctions
Useful fiction
Value of astrology
- in 1907
- in 1910
- in 1984
- theories of
Van de moortel brief biog
Vanity of A (Flamsteed)
Vaughan critique of
Vedic astrology
- fails test
Vernon Clark see Matching
Visitors search terms
Visitors to archive
War (cyclic index)
War (planetary wave)
Weather prediction
Weather vs SA-UR
Website links
Website summary of
Website update (book)
Whole chart
- early tests of
- meta-analyses
- need for
- is vague idea
World views
- astrological
- disagreement on
- early
Why A's believe
Wrong charts
- Gauquelin test
- in my life (Smit)
- Michael J test
- work well
Zodiac see Signs

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