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Journal cumulative contents
Of Correlation, APP, and (briefly) AinO, Kosmos

Abstract -- Lists the contents of astrological research journals Correlation 1981-2009 published by the Astrological Association; the now defunct Astro-Psychological Problems 1982-1995 published by the late Francoise Gauquelin; and (in brief outline only) Astrologie in Onderzoek [Astrology under Scrutiny] and its precursors 1977-2003 published in the Netherlands, and Kosmos published in the USA. In their day the first three were the world's only peer-reviewed astrological journals focussing on scientific research. Research into astrology was at its peak in the 1980s and 1990s. Many of the studies published by these journals were not directly relevant to what astrologers do in everyday practice, and none of the studies found effect sizes commensurate with astrological claims. Nevertheless the contents illustrate the topics then being investigated and a level of scientific interest in astrology that (in view of the continuing negative results) will most likely never peak again. Includes descriptive commentaries, pictures of representative journal covers, plots of page counts per issue, and excerpts from editorials.

The actual contents of these four journals (as opposed to lists of contents) is illustrated by 91 comprehensive abstracts in Best (of Correlation etc) on this website under Tests of Astrology. The articles abstracted are highlighted in the lists of contents. The four journals cover much the same research areas, and it is common to find the same authors appearing in more than one journal.

Contents of Correlation 1981-2006

Correlation front covers 1981, 1993, 2000
New editors bring a change of cover style. Left to right: 1.1 June 1981 editor Simon Best, 12.1 June 1993 editor Rudolf Smit, 19.1 June 2000 editor Pat Harris. Last shows the editorial change of sub-title from Journal of Research into Astrology to Astrological Association Journal of Research in Astrology, marking a shift away from a science-based journal towards a more traditional astrological journal. Page size was about 15x23 cm 1981, 15x22 cm 1982, 15x21 cm 1983-1999, all centre-stapled, then 15x23 cm with glossy cover and thermal binding.

Correlation was launched in 1981 by the Astrological Association to provide an outlet for the interest in research stimulated by the publication in 1977 of Recent Advances in Natal Astrology. Its aims have remained unchanged since 1981, namely to publish "articles reporting empirical research into astrology, review articles, and those discussing broader methodological, conceptual and philosophical isses". The name Correlation was the name of the AA's research bulletin that had appeared during 1968-1976, which was therefore the precursor to the present Correlation.

Precursor to the present Correlation
An editorial by John Addey in the Autumn 1968 issue of the Astrological Journal sets out the aims for the original Correlation as follows:

Addey's editorial -- Another way in which we are celebrating the completion of our tenth year -- though it was not planned with that in mind -- is by the production of a regular research bulletin which will, if all goes well, appear each quarter with the Journal. The name Correlation was suggested for this publication by Mr Fleming Lee who has agreed to act as its editor ... We are certain that not only has astrology nothing to fear from the scrutinies of science or from the use of scientific methods, but that if it is to perform one of its most valuable potential functions in the present world -- that of demonstrating to modern science that the phenomena which it so loves are but symbols of an ideal and spiritual order which lies behind the manifested cosmos -- then we should fearlessly meet scientists on their own ground and show them that even by their own criteria astrology is magnificently true.

Original Correlation resarch bulletin
Original Correlation research bulletin published by the AA in collaboration with ISAR. From its launch in 1968 through 1970 it was a separate quarterly issued free to members of the AA and ISAR. It then continued as a section in the Astrological Journal, appearing twice in 1971 then once a year (usually Autumn or Winter) in 1972-1976, after which it was discontinued following the publication of Recent Advances in 1977. Its editor was Fleming Lee to 1970 (with help from Charles Harvey for issue 8), then Arthur Mather to 1976. Pictured are issue 1 Autumn 1968, issue 8 Summer 1970, and in the AJ Spring 1971.

Issue 1 was prefaced with a summary of "some basic concepts of astrology" that have met with "very general approval", of which the first was "The positions and interrelationships of the bodies of the solar system correlate with, or have a causal effect on, terrestrial events including human temperament and society". The editorial in Issue 2 explained that the aim "is to provide a medium for the exchange of information about astrological research", adding "By its nature, astrology lends itself to scientific investigation. ... even the most devoted traditionalist would not deny that astrology needs further investigation, and that our understanding of the whole field has ample room for improvement". Issue 4 noted that the issues so far had been dominated by geophysical topics such as sunspots and rainfall, "not due to preference but necessity. Very little material of other kinds has been submitted". The same was true of the remaining issues. Altogether the material published in this original Correlation (all of which is covered in Recent Advances) would have filled just over two issues of the new Correlation, to which we now return.

Early optimism
The earliest Correlation issues of 1981 and 1982 had a diversity of authors and topics, mostly reflecting the optimistic feeling that continued research would confirm the leads uncovered in Recent Advances and thus support John Addey's earlier view that by scientific criteria "astrology is magnificently true". The same feeling was reflected in a vigorous exchange of letters to the editor, which for the first decade averaged 5.2 per issue and make instructive reading. But the optimism proved to be unfounded. Virtually all previous studies were found to be flawed, inadequate or actually negative, and negative results tended to become the norm. Eventually interest in research declined. In the second decade the average number of letters to the editor fell to 2.3 per issue, and in the third decade to 1.5 per issue.

Empirical studies and outcomes
Only in Gauquelin areas, which to 2009 had comprised roughly 60% of all Correlation empirical studies and roughly 25% of all Correlation pages, was the interest maintained as shown by the following breakdown of empirical studies and their outcomes during the first three decades. But even here there is a clear decline of interest over the decades. Most of this was before the discovery of social artifacts in the Gauquelin data, which (unless Gauquelin effects persist in their absence, which has yet to be demonstrated) means that Gauquelin studies are no longer directly relevant to astrological claims.

Outcome was >>              Positive  Mixed  Negative  Total
Studies in non- 1981-1990 1 4 8 13
Gauquelin areas 1991-2000 4 0 13 17
eg aspects 2001-2009 4 1 1 6

Studies in 1981-1990 12 3 6 21
Gauquelin areas 1991-2000 10 5 3 18
2001-2009 3 6 0 9 Total 84

Size of each issue
As shown below, the size of each Correlation issue has varied, as has the regularity of publication.

Number of standard pages per Correlation issue 1981-2006
Number of standard pages (700 words) per Correlation issue 1981-2009. Early issues of Correlation averaged 700 words per page, here taken as the standard page to which all issues have been adjusted pro rata. The actual average words per page were obtained by scanning the double page spread in each issue that had the most words and least white space. White space (eg at the end of articles) is not included in the page count. The actual words per issue will be less than pages x 700 due to photos, figures, tables, and captions, which collectively occupy 5%-35% of the total space, average 16%, and have a word density less than running text. For 1981-2009 the total of pages x 700 words is about 1.7 million. Some issues were late, but volume numbers continued in sequence until, by 2010, the issues were four years behind a publication frequency of twice a year. Gaps indicate where no issue appeared.

Price and circulation
Price for two issues including postage was £4.50 in 1981, £6 in 1987, £10 in 1993, £13 in 1999, £15 in 2006, and £xx in 2010, less for AA members, more for air mail, an average increase of 4.5% pa. In 1994 only 6% of subscribers were non-AA members. An online subscription became available in 2010. Circulation in the 1980s and 1990s was about 400 and 500 respectively, declining to about 250 in 2007. Correlation is not abstracted by abstracting services such as PsycINFO and Medline. Copies are held by the British Library, Central Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales, Warburg Institute London, Library of Congress, and the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda USA.

The following list of contents covers all issues of Correlation up to 2009 and totals 505 entries excluding editorials. About half the entries are book reviews, letters, and notices. It is based on the actual contents, not the contents pages, and provides details not given in the latter. Subheadings such as Forum (introduced in 1994 to accommodate shorter articles and reprinted articles) have been omitted to save space. Entries have been condensed where necessary to fit on one line. Expanded abstracts of entries in bold face (N=32) are in Best (of Correlation etc) on this website under Tests of Astrology. Unexpanded abstracts of other Correlation articles up to 2009 can be found on but many are not useful and retrieval is cumbersome.

Correlation 1.1 June 1981 (founding editor Simon Best)
01 Editorial by Simon Best

Editorial -- Research into the basic hypotheses of astrology, as opposed to research within astrology by astrologers, has been on the increase world-wide in the last few years. For some time there has been a need for a journal in which to publish experimental results, discuss theoretical issues and permit communication between researchers of all persuasions. Correlation has been launched to fulfil this need and provide a forum for serious debate. ... Articles are invited for consideration from those involved in research or wishing to discuss any subject bearing on the problems both of carrying out and interpreting research in this area. Such articles should show informed comment and, whether sympathetic or sceptical in tone, should be free of invective. The deadline for the November issue of Correlation is September 30th, 1981. A glossary of terms for those unfamiliar with astrological concepts is provided at the end of the journal.

02 187 Signatories - Scientific Support for Research into Astrology
04 P.Curry - Astrology and Philosophy of Science
11 Prof H.Eysenck - The Importance of Methodology in Astrological Research
15 Prof A.Smithers - Personality in relation to Date of Birth in the N and S Hemispheres
26 J.Addey - The True Principles of Astrology and their Bearing on Astrological Research
36 M.Startup - The Accuracy of Astrologers' Keywords Part 1
44 N.Kollerstrom - A Lunar Sidereal Rhythm in Crop Yield and its Phasing in the Zodiac
54 L.Mathieson - Computers in Astrological Research
56 Research in Progress (Addey, Gauquelin, Steffert, Curry, Startup, Rogerson)
58 Report on British Psychological Society Seminar, Zurich World Congress, both April 1981
59 Reviews - Brackenridge's Kepler, Hand's Sidereal Ephemeris

Correlation 1.2 December 1981
01 Editorial
02 Report on 2nd London Research Conference November 1981
04 M.Gauquelin - Planets, Personality and Ordinary People
15 G.Dean - Planets and Personality Extremes
19 C.James III - Bradley's Jupiter Pluvius Rainfall Study
24 M.Startup - The Accuracy of Astrologer's Keywords Part 2
37 D.Nias - Storms in the Ionosphere: A Re-appraisal of Nelson's Work
41 M.Shallis - The Problem of Astrological Research
47 Letters - L.White, J.Addey, F.Gauquelin, M.Startup, N.Kollerstrom
51 Reviews - Gauquelin's Murderers and Psychotics, Michelsen's Sidereal Ephemeris 1976-2000
53 Reviews - Erlewine's Manual of Computer Programming for Astrologers
55 M.Gauquelin's reply to J.Cherfas's article in New Scientist

Correlation 2.1 June 1982
01 Editorial
02 Tribute to John Addey 1920-1982
04 M&F.Gauquelin, S.Eysenck - Personality and Planets: A Replication on American Subjects
11 J.Mohan et al - Astrological Factors and Personality: Cross Cultural Validation in Children
17 Profs I.W.Kelly and D.Saklofske - Personality and Sun-Sign
22 Prof A.Smithers - Rejoinder to Kelly and Saklofske: To Explain and to Explain Away
28 P.Curry - Astrology and the Self Reflective Sciences
33 F.Gauquelin - The Astrologers' Keywords Re-Analyzed Part 3
37 C.Kemp - Microcomputers: Selection Considerations
42 Letters - P.Curry, G.Dean, M.Shallis, J.Nelson, G.Douglas
47 Reviews - Eysenck & Nias's Astrology: Science or Superstition?, Gauquelin's Report on
51 American Data, McGillion's The Opening Eye, Douglas's Physics, Astrology and Semiotics

Correlation 2.2 December 1982
01 Editorial
02 Prof H.Eysenck - A Note on Michael Gauquelin's Suggestions for Studying Ordinary People
04 M.Gauquelin - An Empirical Study of the Accuracy of Ancient Astrologers Keywords
12 Prof A.Smithers and David Cohen - Personality, Sun-Sign, and Planetary Position
21 M.Startup - Astrologers Keywords for the Planets: A New Quantification of their Accuracy
29 T.Dwyer - Harmonic Charts for Small Computers
31 M.Startup - Postgraduate Dissertations on Astrology
35 Letters - H.Eysenck, G.Dean, B.Riley, D.Nias, V.Vergo, M.Gauquelin
42 Reviews - Shallis's On Time, Konig et al's Biologic Effects of Environmental Electromagnetism
44 Contents of Correlation Volume 1 (1981)

Correlation 3.1 May 1983
01 Editorial
02 Report on 3rd London Research Conference March 1983
04 G.Dean - Shortwave Radio: A critical analysis of the forecasts of John Nelson
37 Contents of Correlation Volume 2 (1982)
38 N.Kollerstrom - Planetary Influences on Metal Ion Activity
51 Letters - M.Startup, H.Eysenck, R.Sewell, G.Douglas, R.Alexander, N.Kollerstrom, J.Nelson
58 Reviews - Pattie's Astrology, Campion's Introduction to the History of Astrology
61 Reviews - F.Gauquelin's Psychology of the Planets and journal Astro-Psychological Problems
64 Tribute to Dr Solco Tromp 1909-1983

Correlation 3.2 November 1983
01 Editorial
02 News - Lunar Newsletter, history conference, CeBESIA's prize, deaths of Bart Bok, George Abell
03 M.Mitchell - Sun Signs as a Chronobiological Effect 1: Theoretical Considerations
13 D.Stevens - Multidimensional Scaling of Celestial Data
22 G.Dean - Can Self-attribution Explain Sun-Sign Guessing?
28 Letters - J.Nelson, G.Dean (2x), N.Kollerstrom, A.Fyfe, G.Dean, R.Alexander
35 Letters - G.Dean R.Sewell, M.Gauquelin, N.Campion, M.Startup, G.Dean, N.Kollerstrom
40 Marcello Truzzi's Zetetic Scholar (notice)
41 Reviews - Gauquelin's Truth about Astrology, Garin's Astrology in the Renaissance
43 D&J Parker's History of Astrology, Placidus's Primum Mobile, Budd et al's Radical Astrology
45 Dubrov & Pushkin's Parapsychology and Contemporary Science
46 Gauquelin's Cosmic Clocks, AFA's Journal of Research

Correlation 4.1 May 1984
01 Editorial
02 Report on History of Astrology conference March 1984, 2nd World Congress Lucerne April 1984
05 M.Startup - Planets, Personality and Ordinary People: A Re-appraisal
08 M.Gauquelin - Profession and Heredity Experiments: Computer Re-analysis
25 N.Kollerstrom - Wheat Germination and Lunar Phase: a Pilot Study
32 Letters - Budd et al, G.Dean, R.Harvey, G.Dean, R.Alexander
37 Letters - M.Shallis, G.Dean, N.Kollerstrom, G.Dean, D.Stevens
43 Reviews - Hamblin's Harmonic Charts, Gauquelin's 2145 Physicians, Army Leaders, Executives
46 Abstract of Startup's PhD thesis (which focussed on aspects)
46 4th London Research Conference October 1984 (notice)
47 Contents of Correlation Volume 3 (1983)
48 Tribute to Prof Frank Brown 1908-1983

Correlation 4.2 November 1984
01 Editorial
02 Report on 4th London Research Conference October 1984
04 M.Startup - Personality and planetary position: An attempted replication with ordinary people
14 K.Pawlik and L.Buse - Self-attribution as a moderator variable in differential psychology
31 Letters - F.Gauquelin, M.Startup, S.Schneider, G.Dean (2x), Al H.Morrison, M.Mitchell, R.Powell
44 Death of John H.Nelson
45 Reviews - Gauquelin's Planetary Heredity: A Reappraisal on 50,000 Subjects
46 Gauquelin's 1540 Authors, Artists, Actors, Politicians, Journalists, Powell's The Zodiac:
46 A Historical Survey, Kollerstrom's Astrochemistry: A Study of Metal-Planet Affinities
47 Collins's The Theory of Celestial Influence, J&D Parker's The New Compleat Astrologer

Correlation 5.1 May 1985
01 Editorial
02 News - Morris Prof of Parapsychology, CeBESIA award to Nick Kollerstrom
03 G.Dean - Can astrology predict E and N? 1. Individual factors
18 M.Mitchell - Sun Signs as a chronobiological effect 2: Chi square vs calendar offset
25 M.Gauquelin - Astrological aspects at the birth of eminent people
35 Contents of Correlation Volume 4 (1984)
36 Letters - M.Gauquelin, N.Campion, R.J.Power, R.Alexander, D&J Parker
43 Reviews - Eade's The Forgotten Sky: A Guide to Astrology in English Literature
44 Carey's PhD thesis on Astrology and Divination in later Medieval England

Correlation 5.2 November 1985
01 Editorial
02 G.Dean - Can Astrology Predict E and N? 2. The Whole Chart
25 M.Gauquelin - The Six Geometric Figures Test: An Attempted Replication on 600 Answers
33 Letters - A.Harvey, F.Gauquelin, G.Dean
39 Review - Dethlefsen's The Challenge of Fate

Correlation 6.1 June 1986
01 Editorial
02 M.Mitchell - Sun Signs as a chronobiological effect 3: Periodicity in vocational sunsigns
11 J.Mohan and A.Gulati - Zodiac signs and personality: a pilot study
15 Letters - H.Eysenck, M.Gauquelin, R.J.Power, N.Kollerstrom, M.O'Neill, G.Douglas
22 Review - Ferguson's The Stars of Dance
23 Contents of Correlation Volume 5 (1985)
24 Special discount on back issues for Correlation subscribers

Correlation 6.2 December 1986
01 Editorial
02 Report on 5th London Research Conference Nov 1986, 1st Eysenck Research Seminar July 1986
06 Committee for Objective Research in Astrology CORA (notice)
07 G.Dean - Can astrology predict E and N? 3: Discussion and further research
52 Errata - Parts 1 and 2 of Dean's article in 5.1 and 5.2
53 Letters - M.O'Neill, Al H.Morrison
55 Review - Sedgwick's Harmonics of History
56 Errata - Sun Signs as a chronobiological effect 3 (in 6.1)

Correlation 7.1 June 1987
01 Editorial
02 Report on 2nd Eysenck Research Seminar April 1987
03 6th London Research Conference November 1987 (notice)
04 S.Ertel - Further grading of eminence: planetary correlations with musicians, painters, writers
18 P.Roberts - Harmonic analysis of the diurnal distributions of Gauquelin's professional groups
26 Letters - A.Smithers, A.Harvey
28 Reviews - Halbronn & Hutin's Histoire de I'Astrologie, Seymour's Cosmic Magnetism
31 Obituary: Agnes Fyfe 1898-1986
32 Contents of Correlation Volume 6 (1986)
32 Errata - Dean's Can astrology predict E and N? Part 3 (in 6.2)

Correlation 7.2 December 1987
01 Editorial
02 Report on 6th London Research Conference November 1987
08 3rd Eysenck Research Seminar Naples June 1987 (notice)
09 T.Dwyer - The Meaning of Pluto Part 1: Experiment and primary analysis
14 G.Dean and R.Smit - The Meaning of Pluto Part 2: Further analysis of Dwyer's data
22 Letters - G.Dean, A.Smithers, R.Moxon
28 Reviews - Elwell's Cosmic Loom: The New Science of Astrology
31 Reviews - Powell's Hermetic Astrology Volume 1, Niehenke's Critical Astrology
34 Erratum - Ertel's Further grading of eminence (in 7.1)
35 Obituary: James Williamsen 1941-1988
36 Urania Trust (notice)

Correlation 8.1 June 1988
01 Editorial
02 Report on Medical Astrology Conference March 1988, 3rd Eysenck Research Seminar June 1988
04 7th London Research Conference November 1988 (notice)
05 S.Ertel - Planetary Aspects and Human Birth: Improved Method Yields Negative Results
22 Letters - G.Dean, A.Smithers, N.Campion, R.Wilkie, T.Dwyer, R.Nolle, R.Powell
30 Reviews - Seymour's Astrology: The Evidence of Science, Curry's Astrology, Science and Society
31 Reviews - Tester's A History of Western Astrology, Curry's The Decline of Astrology 1642-1800
33 Reviews - Gauquelin's Written in the Stars
36 Obituary: Reinhold Ebertin 1901-1988
38 Schneider-Gauquelin to move to USA, APP to join with NCGR Journal
38 Contents of Correlation Volume 7 (1987)
39 Errata - Report on London Research Conference, Dean's letter (both in 7.2)
40 Urania Trust (notice)

Correlation 8.2 December 1988
01 Editorial
02 Report on 7th London Research Conference November 1988
05 M.Klein - The Accuracy of Relationship Description as a Test of Astrology
18 Letters - N.Kollerstrom, P.Seymour, B.Taylor, M.Mitchell, A.Ruperti
29 Reviews - Landscheidt's Sun-Earth-Man, Gauquelin's Planetary Heredity
32 Excerpts - P.Seymour's reply to N.Henbest's review of his book in New Scientist 12 May 1988

Correlation 9.1 June 1989
01 Editorial
02 Report on Neo-Astrology Conference Big Rapids July 1989
04 Report on 1st International Congress on Geocosmic Relations Amsterdam April 1989
05 S.Ertel - Planetary Effects Defy Physical Interpretation
25 Letters - A.Muller, M.Gauquelin (2x), S.Ertel, T.Landscheidt, P.Seymour
43 Review - Negus's Kepler's Astrology
44 8th London Research Conference November 1989 (notice)
44 Contents of Correlation Volume 8 (1988)

Correlation 9.2 December 1989
01 Editorial
02 Report on 8th London Research Conference November 1989
04 M.Mitchell - Sun Signs as a Chronobiological Effect 4: A Physiognomic Investigation
20 R.Powell - Precession of the Equinoxes and Isaac Newton's Chronological Studies
28 S.Ertel - Birth Time Precision Reconsidered
33 Letters - S.Ertel, G.Dean (2x)
37 Reviews - Curry's Prophecy and Power: Astrology in Early Modem England
39 Smith & Best's Electromagnetic Man: Health and Hazard in the Electrical Environment

Correlation 10.1 June 1990
01 Editorial
02 Obituary: Neil F Michelsen 1931-1990
04 B.Steffert - Planetary Effects linked to EPQ Scores in Ordinary People
10 M.O'Neill - The Moon's Nodes in Synastry: A Replication
19 Letters - P.Curry, N.Kollerstrom, M.Stuart
22 Reviews - Kollerstrom & O'Neill's The Eureka Effect
24 Reviews - Roberts's The Message of Astrology, Wright's The Scottish Birth-Data
27 9th London Research Conference 1991 (notice) (delayed to 1993, see 12.2)
28 Contents of Correlation Volume 9 (1989)

Correlation 10.2 December 1990
01 Editorial
02 Report on 1st Kepler Research Weekend London November 1990
03 S.Ertel - Scrutinizing Gauquelin's Character Trait Hypothesis Once Again
20 M.Gauquelin and S.Tracz - Gauquelin's Character Trait Hypothesis: The Fresno Experiment
34 Letter - G.Bates
37 Reviews - Michelsen's Tables of Planetary Phenomena, Thornton's The Forces of Destiny
40 Tomassen's Geo-cosmic Relations: The Earth and its Macro-Environment

Correlation 11.1 June 1991
01 Michel Gauquelin: In Memoriam 1928-1991
03 E.Sullivan - Michel Gauquelin's retrograde Mars (chart interpretation)
09 P.Curry - Michel and the scientists
10 P.Roberts - Recollections of Michel
12 S.Ertel - Publications of Michel Gauquelin 1955-1991
24 M.O'Neill - Time-Switching Control Applied to Hill and Thompson's Redhead Data
34 G.Dean - Einstein's testimonial to astrology (letter)
37 Review - Gauquelin's Neo-Astrology: A Copernican Revolution
40 Contents of Correlation Volume 10 (1990)

Correlation 11.2 December 1992
01 Editorial
02 J.McGrew and R.McFall - A Collaborative Vernon Clark Experiment
11 N.Kollerstrom and M.ONeill - Invention Moments and Aspects to Uranus
24 M.Harding - Astrology and the New Philosophies 1
37 J.F.Ruis - Significant Synastry Aspects on a Gauquelin Sample of 2174 Marriages
38 Letters - N.Kollerstrom, P.Roberts
39 Reviews - Fuzeau-Braesch's Astrologie: La Preuve Par Deux, Meeus's Astronomical Algorithms

Correlation 12.1 June 1983 (new editor Rudolf Smit)
01 Editorial - A New Beginning by Rudolf Smit

Editorial -- To say it mildly, in the world of science astrology is still controversial. This is one of the reasons why it has always been hard for serious researchers into astrology to find a proper podium for reports on their findings. The Astrological Association of Great Britain, in the person of Simon Best, provided them with that podium through Correlation, the research journal of which Simon has been the editor for more than a decade. Thanks to his efforts Correlation has become the foremost magazine on serious research into astrology, a reputation which is often alluded to with respect even by skeptics. ... New editors usually bring in new ideas. I am not an exception to that rule. For starters, some cosmetic changes have already been implemented: there is a new front cover and a new page layout. The first and foremost aim of this new page layout is the enhancement of legibility, while maintaining a harmonious balance between white and typeface on the one hand, and economy (how much text on a page) on the other; I am still in the experimental stage. As for the contents of Correlation changes are being contemplated, with the condition though that this journal shall not compromise on quality.

02 S.Ertel - Why the Character Trait Hypothesis Still Fails: Resolving the Conflict
10 G.Dean - Improving the Application of Astrology to Individuals with Item Response Theory
28 J.van Rooij - Jungian Typology and Astrology: An Empirical Test
33 R.van Gent - Isaac Newton and Astrology: Witness for the Defence or for the Prosecution?
38 M.Harding - Astrology and the New Philosophies Part 2
51 Letters - M.O'Neill, L.van Assem
55 9th London Research Conference November 1993 (notice)
56 FAA Conference Sydney January 1994 (notice), Urania Trust library appeal (notice)

Correlation 12.2 December 1993
01 Editorial - Correlation to Guide Debate on Science vs Astrology
02 G.Dean - Why Key Dialogues?
05 Report on 9th London Research Conference November 1993
20 J.F.Ruis - Indication of Synastry Aspects in a Gauquelin sample of 2824 Marriages Part 1
44 W.Heukelom - Astrology, a Contribution to Social Work? (symposium report)
47 Contents of other astro research journals (AinO, APP)
52 Theodore Landscheidt elected to Member of New York Academy of Science
54 Letters - F.Gauquelin, J.Ruijling,
56 Review - Muller's Astro Research Data

Correlation 13.1 June 1994
01 Editorial - Co-operation is the Key
03 J.F.Ruis - Role of Synastry Aspects in a Gauquelin sample of 2824 Marriages Part 2
10 Key Topic 1 (next item below): Foreword by the Editor
11 G.Dean and A.Mather - Is the Scientific Approach Relevant to Astrology?
19 Commentaries (N=23)
45 Commentaries - Overview and Rejoinders
51 Additional Rejoinders from Arthur Mather
53 Afterword by the Editor
54 Letters - N.Campion, J.van Rooij, M.Urban-Lurain

Correlation 13.2 December 1994
01 Editorial - What science and skepticism really mean
03 S.Ertel - Mars effect uncovered in French skeptics' data
17 G.Dean - Was there ever a Samuel Hemmings?
31 J.F.Ruis - Planetary gender differences
38 J.f.Ruis - Shift control of synastry effect
40 M.O'Neill - A replication of Ruis's marriage results
45 Report on Kepler Day November 1994 (wrongly titled 1995)
47 P.Niehenke - Appeal to astro researchers to send details of project
48 Ten reactions to Key Topic 1
51 J.Hill - Replication of redhead study
54 B.Steffert and M.O'Neill - Replication of redhead study
55 C.Harvey - Different approaches to astrological research
59 M.O'Neill - Fewer professionals than expected with four planets in key sectors
60 Contents of other astro research journals (AinO, APP, Les Cahiers du RAMS)

Correlation 14.1 June 1995
01 Statement on the Reappointment of the Editor of Correlation
02 J.van Rooij et al - Sun Sign and Discipline of Study
08 S.Ertel - Gender of Notables Related to Planetary Positions
15 Vries-Ek and F.McGillion - Jung's Astrological Experiment and Synchronicity
26 M.O'Neill - Further Comments on J.F.Ruis's Marriage Results
30 S.Ertel - Birth Time Precision and the Gauquelin Effect
38 K.Hawley - The Determination of Expected Harmonic Aspect Frequencies
45 N.Campion - Did the Moon Sink the Titanic? (review of an article in Skeptical Inquirer)
48 Reactions to Ertel's article from N.Kollerstrom, J.W.Nienhuys
50 Reply by S.Ertel
54 H.Oestrem - Operationalizing the whole chart
56 N.Campion - Astrology as a science: neo, pseudo, or social?
59 10th London Research Conference November 1996 (notice)
60 Report on Kepler Day November 1995 (issue was delayed to allow inclusion)
63 ISAR conference July 1997 (notice)

Correlation 14.2 December 1995
01 Editorial - The Curse of Ignorance
02 S.Ertel - Re-Examination of the Gender Differences as Claimed by J.F.Ruis
07 J.Dudley - An Attempt to Predict Accidental Death with Vedic Astrology
12 G.Dean - A Re-Assessment of Jung's Astrological Experiment
23 G.Dean - More on King George III and Samuel Hemmings
27 F.Gauquelin - Ertel's tests of the Character Trait Hypothesis
28 S.Ertel - Reply to F.Gauquelin
29 J.W.Nienhuys - Ertel's article on CFEPP
30 S.Ertel - Reply to J.W.Nienhuys
32 G.Dean and P.Loptson - Key Topic 2; Some Philosophical Problems of Astrology
45 K.Irving et al - Rejoinder to Key Topic 2
58 The Tenacious Mars Effect (advertisement)
59 Contents of other astro research journals (APP, Les Cahiers du RAMS)
62 10th London Research Conference November 1996 (notice)
63 J.Lee - Survey of Dissertations and Theses Having Astrology as Subject Part 1

Correlation 15.1 June 1996
01 Editorial - In Search of Superstars!
02 S.Ertel - How to Suppress the Gauquelin Mars Effect: Strategies of Committees
17 G.Dean et al - Key Topic 3: Theories of Astrology
53 Reviews - Ertel & Irving's Tenacious Mars Effect, CFEPP's The Mars Effect
61 P.Loptson - Response to rejoinder on Key Topic 2
62 R.Harvey - Comments on Key Topics
63 J.Lee - Survey of Dissertations and Theses having Astrology as Subject Part 2

Correlation 15.2 December 1996
01 Editorial - It Takes Only One Astrologer...
02 Report on London Research Conference November 1996
14 R.Nanninga - The Astrotest: A Tough Match for Astrologers
21 J.van Rooij - An analysis of Astrologers Failing the Astrotest
26 B.Koene - An Ancient Philosopher's Criticism of Astrology: Sextus Empiricus
34 Kepler Day November 1997 (call for papers)
35 J.M.Ashmun - Astrology on the Internet
52 P.Niehenke - Astrological Research and the Concept of Similarity
56 M.McPherson replies to Peter Loptson
60 Review - Fuzeau-Braesch's Pour L'Astrologie

Correlation 16.1 June 1997 (guest editor Prudence Jones)
01 Editorial - Moving Beyond Character Analysis
03 R.Smit - Leo Knegt: A White Crow Beyond Our Wildest Dreams?
19 N.Kollerstrom - The Mars-Redhead Dilemma
22 G.Douglas - Some Extreme Character Types
29 P.Niehenke - A Test of Alice Bailey's Ray Theory of Sun Signs
32 S.Ertel - Scrutiny of Theodor Landscheidt's Planetary Claims
40 T.Landscheidt - Response to Ertel
48 In Memoriam - Professor Hans J.Eysenck 1916-1997
55 R.Harvey - Correlation aiming at the wrong target?
56 G.Dean - Key Topic 2 and avoidable arguments
59 G.Dean - Brady & Lehman's study of castle beseigement
61 G.Dean - Response to J.van Rooij on the Astrotest
63 Review - Magi Society's Astrology Really Works!
68 Review - Douglas's Semiotic Square and Greek and Roman astrology

Correlation 16.2 December 1997
01 Editorial - Thanks, Goodbye, Welcome, and Aims
03 T.P.Davis - Research for the Working Astrologer: Astro Sleuthing Contests
10 G.Dean - John Addey's Dream: Planetary Harmonics and Character Traits
40 G.Dean - Truth of Astrology Competition: A summary of entries and some implications
57 G.Dean - Redheads and beginner's luck, Hemingway, Sun signs at Manchester University
63 G.Dean - Astrology: is this the proof?
66 K.Irving - Recycling, refereeing and the Key Topics
68 G.Dean - response to Irving
69 M.McPherson - Geoffrey Dean's avoidable arguments
71 The Knegt Challenge (a reminder, see 16.1)
72 Culture and Cosmos (advertisement)

Correlation 17.1 June 1998
01 Editorial - Science is a Tough Business
03 S.Ertel - Can Astrologers Pick Politicians from Painters?
09 G.Dean - Meaningful Coincidences: Parallels between Phrenology and Astrology
41 P.Niehenke - The Astrology File, scientific proof of sun sign effects?
44 S.Ertel - Scrutiny of Sachs's excursion into astrological research
49 A.Patterson - Eysenckian qualities good for research
50 K.Vandemoortel - Love at first sight: A study into astrology and attraction
53 G.Dean - Reply to Maggie McPherson on avoidable arguments
54 M.Harding - Dean has no understanding of either linguistic or continental philosophy
56 Contents of other astro research journals (Les Cahiers du RAMS)

Correlation 17.2 December 1998
01 Editorial - What Challenges Lie Ahead? by Rudolf Smit

Editorial -- In late autumn 111 years ago the eminent British scientist Sir Francis Galton discovered the concept of correlation, from which this journal (and its precursor) takes its name. In the 1870s Galton had begun on the quantitative trail that was to lead him through "reversion" to "regression" to "correlation", hence the symbol r universally used for correlation. [He saw] how the problem was a general one, applicable to co-relations generally. The realisation dawned suddenly and changed the world of science forever, but Galton's account of it (unfortunately without date or time) was rediscovered only a century later, see S.M.Stigler, Francis Gallon's Account of the Invention of Correlation, Statistical Science 1989, 4, 73-86. Galton's account could not end more aptly for our readers: "I can only say that there is a vast field of topics that fall under the laws of correlation, which lies quite open to the research of any competent person who cares to investigate it".

04 S.Ertel - Is There No Mars Effect? CFEPP's verdict scrutinized with independent help
24 G.Dean et al - Key Topic 4: Astrology and Human Judgement
72 R.Smit - Results of the Knegt Follow-up Test
76 Review - Anderson's An astrological research into gender dysphoria
78 Tenacious Mars Effect (advertisement)

Correlation 18.1 June 1999 (new editor Pat Harris)
01 Editorial - Astrology in the Sciences by Pat Harris

Editorial -- Welcome to my first issue of Correlation. You may notice some differences between this journal and those presented by my predecessor, Rudolf Smit, and I hope that these will help to enhance your enjoyment of the journal further. I would like to thank Rudolf for his continued help and support throughout the summer during the handover of the role of editor to me. His kindness and consideration made the transition a pleasure and I am very glad indeed that he will be continuing to provide input to the journal as one of its consulting editors.

03 G.Douglas - Why Is Venus Green? A morphological approach to Astrology
21 P.Roberts - New Resarch in Personality and Astrology
32 C.Bagley - Identifying Painters and Politicians: Re Astrology as Art and Science
40 C.Smith - Moods, Violence and the Lunar Cycle
47 P.B.Mortensen et al - Family History, Place, Season of Birth vs risk of Schizophrenia
59 F.McGillion - Afterword on Mortensen et al's article
62 Review - Fuzeau-Braesch and Delboy's Comment demontrer l'astrologie
63 Culture and Cosmos (advertisement)

Correlation 18.2 December 1999
01 Editorial - Astrology in Academia - Charles Harvey's vision for Astrology's future
03 Obituary Charles Harvey 1940-2000
09 S.Ertel - Debunking with Caution: Cleaning up Mars Effect Research
42 C.A.B.Smith - Gauquelin Planetary Influences
47 R.Nanninga and J.W.Nienhuys - There is no Mars effect!
50 S.Ertel - Reply to Nanninga and Nienhuys
60 G.Dean - CFEPP claims not supported (with jumbled tables corrected in 19.1)
65 G.Dean - Response to Roberts on New Research
66 P.Roberts - reply to Dean
67 S.Ertel - Reflections on C.Bagley's comments on my study
71 Contents of Les Cahiers du RAMS No 7
72 AA Research Conference November 2000 (notice)

Correlation 19.1 June 2000 (new glossy format)
01 Contents
02 AA Research Conference November 2000 (notice)
03 Editorial - A New Image and Revolutionary Aims by Pat Harris

Editorial -- You will have noticed by now that Correlation has undergone a transformation and one, it is hoped, that our readers will appreciate and enjoy. New covers have been designed in line with the livery used by the Astrological Association for the Asytrological Journal and also by Culture and Cosmos, the journal on the history of astrology. Preparations are currently under way to place Correlation in the libraries and departments of various universities and this 'new look' Correlation is very much in keeping with that objective.

05 C.Bagley - Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology (progress report)
06 Sophia Fellowship at Warburg Institute (notice)
07 N.Campion - The Start of the Age of Aquarius
17 M.Harding - Prejudice in Astrological Research
34 K.G.Hawley - Testing for Isotropy in Circular Distributions
42 B.Denness - Thieves, Victims and the Zodiac (car thefts)
49 C.Bagley - Comments on Denness's findings
50 Errata - Correct layout of Dean's tables in 18.2
52 Review - Elwell's Cosmic Loom
55 Contents of Les Cahiers du RAMS No 8 March 2000

Correlation 19.2 December 2000
01 Contents
02 Volunteers needed for Mike O'Neill's lottery research project
03 Editorial - Astrology Under Un-Scientific Scrutiny
05 C.Bagley - Implications for Astrology of the Princeton Anomalies Research Group
09 Report on London Research Conference November 2000
13 AA Conferences September 2001 (notice)
14 S.Blackmore and M.Seebold - The Effect of Horoscopes on Women's Relationships
29 S.Fuzeau-Braesch - Sociability and Astrology: Results of a Psychological Test
36 Editorial invitation to enter Debate on the Gauquelin Data
37 S.Ertel - Tampering with birth dates: Scrutinies of G.Dean's parental tampering claim 1
47 S.Lovatt - The Influence of the Sun and Moon and the Forecasting of Hurricanes
54 M.Wackford - The Polar Horoscope (1st of 5 articles, see abstract in 23.1)
62 Letters - D.Elwell, B.Denness
64 Review - Heath's Stonehenge

Correlation 20.1 December 2001
01 Contents
02 Volunteers needed for Mike O'Neill's lottery research project
02 Data needed for Graham Douglas's research on birth order
03 Editorial - Philosophy and Research in Astrology
04 R.Bes - Forecasting Political and Economic Cycles
29 Editorial invitation to enter Debate on the Gauquelin Data
30 S.Ertel - Births of Priests: Scrutinies of G.Dean's parental tampering claim 2
37 E.Wunder - Comment on Ertel's article in 19.2
42 S.Ertel - On Wunder's supporting Dean's cause
53 P.Roberts - The Remarkable Gauquelin Distribution
58 G.Douglas - Cosmic Influences: a new proposal
67 Letter - G.Dean, R.Smit, W.Spencer (refereeing policy reduces Correlation's credibility)
69 Reply by the editor
70 Reviews - Park's Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness
70 Phillipson's Astrology in the Year Zero

Correlation 20.2 June 2002
01 Contents
02 London Research Conference November 2002 (notice)
03 Editorial - The critical investigation of astrology in academia continues
04 B.Brady - The Australian parent-child astrological research project
38 Editorial invitation to enter Debate on the Gauquelin Data
39 S.Ertel - Superstition over time: Scrutinies of G.Dean's parental tampering claim 3
49 P.Roberts - The relevance of Bayes' theorem in probability theory
58 S.Ertel - Comment on Blackmore and Seebold's Effects of horoscopes
59 C.Renstrom - Comment on Blackmore and Seebold's Effects of horoscopes
60 M.Seebold - Reply to Ertel and Renstrom
63 Review - Guinard's Manifesto (PhD thesis)
64 Errata - Hawley's article in 19.1

Correlation 21.1 December 2002
01 Contents
02 London Research Conference November 2002 (notice)
03 Editorial - The continued pursuit of standards in astrological research
05 Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology progress report
06 Sophia Centre founded at Bath Spa University College
07 M.Wackford - Polar houses
14 M.Wackford - The polar arcs
22 S.Fuzeau-Braesch - Causal or esoteric astrology? A review of symbolism vs science
30 C.Bagley - Astrology, symbolism and science: a commentary
34 Editorial invitation to enter Debate on the Gauquelin Data
35 S.Ertel - Whence Midnight avoidance: Scrutinies of G.Dean's parental tampering claim 4
40 K.Hawley - Harmonic origins of astrological qualities
45 F.McGillion - The pineal gland and the ancient art of latromathematica (reprinted from JSE)
62 Letters - K.Vandermoortel, K.Hawley, G.Dean (reply to Ertel), S.Ertel (reply to Dean)

Correlation 21.2 June 2003
01 Contents
02 Appeals for data from K.Hawley and G.Douglas
03 Editorial - Good scientific practice in astrological research
06 Editorial by John Addey from AJ Autumn 1968 setting out aims for the original Correlation
10 Editorial invitation to enter Debate on the Gauquelin Data
11 S.Ertel - Three tests, whose hits: Scrutinies of G.Dean's parental tampering claim 5
22 M.Wackford - Polar meridians
37 P.Roberts - Going with the flow: The message of astrology
43 G.Dean - On being properly scientific
45 K.Hawley - The Cyclical Index 2001-2100 (Gouchon/Barbault)
53 Obituary: Marcello Truzzi 1935-2003
54 Letters - K.Hawley, G.Dean vs P.Roberts, G.Douglas vs P.Roberts
59 Reviews - Frost & Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle
59 Reviews - Prechter's The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior
62 Errata - text omitted from Hawley's article in 21.1
64 AA Conference August 2003 (notice)

Correlation 22.1 June 2004 (guest editor Graham Douglas)
01 Contents
02 Appeals for data by S.Ertel and G.Douglas
03 Appointment of new RGCSA convenor (Susan High to replace Christopher Bagley)
04 Editorial - Astrology, a vibrant research programme
05 P.Harris - Astrology and individuality in chronic pain management
24 D.A.Goodman - First report of possible human 260-day unconscious rhythm
38 R.Bes - War, prosperity, and the 500-year outer planetary cycle
52 P.Simkhada and D.Simkhada - Astrology and the sex-trafficking of girls in Nepal
63 F.McGillion - Up in the air (an attack on Dean & Kelly's article in JCS)
68 D.Castille - The astrological heredity research project
70 Review - McGillion's Blinded by Starlight: The Pineal Gland and Western Astronomia

Correlation 22.2 December 2004 (guest editor Mark Urban-Lurain)
01 Contents
02 Editorial - On the need for scholarship
04 S.Ertel - Hopeful findings, unduly neglected, on stars and human affairs
20 D.Castille - Birth day effect on natality rhythms
33 J.Brockbank - Blackmore & Seebold in 19.2 and a new Awareness of Astrology Questionnaire
53 Report on Kepler Day November 2003 with these summaries of presentations:
53 N.Kollerstrom - Mare fertility and the Moon
54 P.Nockolds - Are the Sherlock Holmes stories constructed around Mercury-Sun conjunctions?
55 M.O'Neill - Developments in the lottery project
55 C.Roberts - Visions of the Virgin Mary
57 Contents of Les Cahiers du RAMS No 11 June 2003
59 Review - Van de moortel's Astro-Logics
62 Letters - G.Dean and I.W.Kelly (McGillion's attack), F.McGillion (reply), S.Fuzeau-Braesch

Correlation 23.1 June 2005
01 Contents
02 Applications invited for Correlation editor (notice)
03 Editorial - is astrology a practical information system or something completely different?
05 Obituary: Theodor Landscheidt 1927-2005
07 S.Ertel - Gauquelin effects brought down to earth? On G.Dean's dealing with stubborn facts
34 N.Kollerstrom - How Ertel rescued the Gauquelin effect
45 M.Wackford - Global horoscopes (concludes a 5-part series)
64 G.Douglas - Replication of a Saturn effect with firstborns
67 S.Fuzeau-Braesch - Comment on Castille's Birth day effect on natality rhythms
68 Letter from G.Dean (on Brady's article in 20.2)
70 Reviews - Papers from the Inaugural Conference of the Sophia Centre
71 Fuzeau-Braesch's Astrologic et Connaisance de Soi

Correlation 23.2 June 2006
01 Contents
02 Kepler Research Conference May 2006 (notice)
03 Editorial - If it works, it can't be astrology
04 G.Phillipson - Modern science, epistemology and astrology
24 G.Douglas - Some unexpected solar patterns in the Gauquelin data
47 P.Roberts - The nature of the planets
53 G.Dean - Planetary effects and related matters in 23.1
58 S.Ertel - What is true and what is untrue? Response to Dean
62 D.Castille - Response to Fuzeau-Braesch's comments
64 Review - England's Degrees of Flight: the Astrology of Aviation

Correlation 24.1 May 2007
01 Contents
03 Editorial - what is this thing called astrology?
05 K.McRitchie - Astrology theory and the social sciences
21 G.Douglas - Grains of silver and gold [solar effects in Gauquelin data]
33 G.Douglas - The Gauquelin effect and birth order (abstract)
34 G.Phillipson - An interview with Mark McDonough
41 P.Stapp - Perceptions of police staff of full moon influences
66 Letters - D.Hamblin, R.Gillett, G.Phillipson
72 Launch of e-group

Correlation 24.2 Oct 2007
01 Contents
03 Editorial by guest editor Nick Campion

Editorial (excerpt) -- The research into astrology with which Correlation has been most associated has always been the investigation of astrology's truth-claims. Social science and humanities research into astrology, which attempts to deal with the experience of astrology, has generally been found only in isolated instances in journals on sociology and psychology. ... [But] issues of the truth or falsity of a claim are irrelevant to the fact that it may hold meaning, and the nature of that meaning may be more likely to be revealed through qualitative research [as in the three articles in this issue].

05 A.Thorley - Perceptions of divination in the astrological consultation: A pilot study
34 J.Wadsworth - The astrological ritual: astrological practice in Glastonbury
57 C.Gilchrist - In the shadow of the Moon: People's experience of viewing eclipses
72 Ad for MA in cultural astronomy and astrology at the Sophia Centre, Lampeter, Wales

Correlation 25.1 Jan 2008
01 Contents
03 Editorial - Academic censorship and research in astrology
05 L.Storm - Can triplicity predict accidental death? A pilot study
23 S.Fuzeau-Braesch and J-B Denis - Some astrological factors vs dog behaviour [from JSE]
35 G.Douglas - Seasonal cycles in the Gauquelin data follow geomagnetic indices (Part 1)
51 Letters - G.Douglas, G.Phillipson, G.Burton,
58 Review - Scofield's The Circuitry of the Self: Astrology and the Developmental Model
60 Review - Houlding's The Houses: Temples of the Sky
61 Review - Campion and Curry's (eds) Sky and Psyche (12 conference papers)

Correlation 25.2 Jun 2008
01 Contents
03 Editorial - Science, ignorance and superstition
04 Errata - Correction to Storm's article in 25.1
05 Obituary - Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch 1928-2008 (J-B.Denis)
07 J.Ruis - Statistical analysis of the birth charts of serial killers
45 G.Douglas - Developing the geophysical perspective (Part 2 of Seasonal cycles)
71 Ads for Kepler Day 22 Nov 2008 and Sophia Centre conference 12-13 July 2008
72 Review - Davis's (ed) From Here to There: An Astrologer's Guide to Astromapping (16 essays)

Correlation 26.1 Sep 2008
01 Contents
02 Ad for Kepler Day 22 Nov 2008
03 Editorial - Things change, and time moves on...
05 Obituary - Francoise Gauquelin 1929-2007 (G.Dean)
07 A tribute to Francoise Gauquelin (S.Ertel)
10 Recollections of Francoise (K.Irving, F.McGillion, B.Steffert, M.Urban-Lurain)
14 J.E.Vidmar - A comprehensive review of the Carlson astrology experiments
33 G.Douglas - Moving from Gauquelin to classical astrology (Part 3 of Seasonal cycles)
53 A.Mather - Modern Science, Epistemology and Astrology: Following up on Phillipson (2006)
59 G.Phillipson - Response to Mather

Correlation 26.2 Nov 2010

Contents of Astro-Psychological Problems 1982-1995

APP front covers 1982, 1989, 1993
Left to right: 1.1 December 1982, 7.1 March 1989 (first of three joint issues with the NCGR Journal), 11.1 March 1995 (last circulated issue). The first two issues were originally photo-reduced to form an A5 booklet, but were republished in the stapled-A4 form shown here that was to become the standard format. Original title Astro-Psychological Problems became the sub-title from 5.1 January 1987 under the new title The Schneider-Gauquelin Research Journal.

Limited by her separation and then divorce from Michel Gauquelin, but encouraged by the success of Correlation, Francoise Gauquelin launched APP in December 1982 specifically to provide a forum for the discussion of Gauquelin matters within its formal aim "to report empirical research into astrology", later "to report statistical investigations of astrology ... purely astrological articles will not be published".

Insistence on statistical approach
Francoise's many contacts within Europe, and her fluency in French, English, German and Italian led to APP having a higher European content than Correlation even though all articles were in English. Her insistence on the statistical approach led to many discussions of methodology (many more than in Correlation) and the same vigorous interchange of letters to the editor averaging nearly 3 per issue, nearly always accompanied by a reply from Francoise showing her clarity of expression and vast research experience.

Links with NCGR
In 1989, following Francoise's temporary move to the USA, APP was published by the NCGR as alternate research issues of their now quarterly NCGR Journal. But the liaison lasted for only three issues. Rising printing and mailing costs, the heavy load on volunteer typesetters, and the death of Neil Michelsen (who had donated over $2000 worth of ACS staff time to producing each issue), meant that four issues a year had to be reduced to two issues a year, leaving no room for APP. In 1991 Francoise returned to France and began publishing APP again in its original format until 1995, when ill-health forced her to discontinue.

Empirical studies and outcomes
Over the thirty issues of APP, empirical articles were roughly equally divided between Gauquelin and non-Gauquelin areas, and their respective breakdown was roughly 18+15 positive, 2+2 mixed, 8+12 negative, total 28+29 = 57. The 15 positive results in non-Gauquelin areas were as judged by their author and were often shown by Francoise and others to be due to artifacts. Again, the results in Gauquelin areas were before the discovery of social artifacts in the Gauquelin data. There was only friendly co-operation between APP, Correlation, and AinO, and often the same authors can be found in all three.

Size of each issue
As shown below, the size of each APP issue slowly increased over the years:

Number of standard pages per APP issue 1982-1995
Number of standard pages (500 words) per APP issue 1982-1995. Total words 1982-1995 is abou 0.6 million. One page of APP in Francoise's typing averaged 500 words, here taken as the standard page to which NCGR pages and later laser-printed APP pages have been adjusted pro rata. Actual words per issue will be less than pages x 500 due to figures, tables, and partialy-blank pages. NCGR page counts exclude ads. APP page counts exclude the front cover (which Francoise always counted as pages 1 and 2).

It was 4-issues-per-year for the first two years, 3-per-year for the next four years, and 2-per-year after that, a total of 30 issues until 1995, when ill-health forced Francoise to discontinue publication. A 31st issue had been prepared but was not published.

Price and circulation
Price in USD including surface postage was $8 in 1983 (4 issues), $10 in 1985 (3 issues), and $15 in 1993 (2 issues), more if by air mail. The circulation is not recorded in APP but was probably about 150, less for the final few issues because some of Francoise's subscriber index cards went astray during her frequent trips between San Diego, Paris, and various conference sites (see APP 11.1 page 3).

The following list of contents covers all issues of APP and totals 383 entries, of which about one-third are editorials, book reviews, letters, and notices. It is based on the actual contents, not the contents pages, and provides details not given in the latter. Initially Francoise signed herself variously Francoise Gauquelin and Marie Schneider (her maiden name), eventually settling for Francoise Schneider-Gauquelin, see APP 4.2. To avoid confusion all variants in what follows are given as Francoise Gauquelin.

Contents were usually listed under subheadings such as Current Events, Research Results, Methodology and Discussion Forum, which subheadings have been omitted here to save space. Entries have been condensed where necessary to fit on to one line. The list includes excerpts from inaugural editorials. Abstracts of entries in bold face (N=17), expanded where necessary to provide more information, are in Best (of Correlation etc) on this website under Tests of Astrology.

APP 1.1 December 1982
03 Editorial by Francoise Gauquelin

Editorial -- Astrological publications are numerous, but journals entirely devoted to research into the basic hypotheses of astrology are few. However Correlation, a research journal sponsored since the autumn of 1968 by the British Astrological Association, has proven that there are authors and readers enough in the astrological community for a publication of this intellectual standard. In the course of our investigations at the Laboratory for the Study of Cosmic and Psychophysiological Rhythms, we often regretted that some interesting outcomes did not find the place they deserved, in the published books. The publication of a quarterly research journal would give us and others more opportunity to describe new ideas, hypotheses, beginning research, circumscribed results not intended to form entire books. Our main problem was the language. Since our first publication in French, a quarter of a century ago, neither the scientists nor the astrological groups of our country [France] had shown enough interest in our work to sustain a research journal. Ten subscribers at the most, that was the little encouraging prediction of a French authority in this field. Therefore, despite our lack of fluency in English, we decided to choose this international language for spreading our ideas. Fortunately, in the scientific field, the style is less important than the results. With this idea in mind, may I ask our readers to be indulgent for errors of style, but very critical for errors of reasoning or of investigating a hypothesis? The criticisms, suggestions, corrections, will be acknowledged and discussed here with -- I hope -- an open mind. Each opinion has a value. But the liberty to criticize it seems to us the most important attitude for good scientific work.

04 You, the Jury a BBC emission commented by M.Freeman
07 Conference Reports by C.Harvey, M.M.Herm, J.Kampherbeek
10 Five Generations of Farmers and Jupiter Heredity by M.Bollen
14 Character Traits Analyses by F.Gauquelin
27 The Vernon Clark Experiments by H.Eysenck
30 The Legal Time in the World: Belgium, Holland by Marre
34 Review of Astrology: Science or Superstition? by F.Gauquelin

APP 1.2 March 1983
03 Editorial
04 You, the Jury, Are Astrologers also prejudiced? (excerpts)
06 Comments by H.Eysenck
09 Reply by S.Best
10 Choose your Science (more on the above) by P.Curry
14 Happiness in Marriage Part I by H.Eysenck
21 Reductionist versus Wholistic Judgments of Horoscopes by B.Steffert
27 The Legal Time in Italy by G.Bordoni
29 The Whole is more than the sum of its parts by P.Niehenke
33 A theoretical prediction from the Gauquelins' findings by G.Douglas
35 Reply to Graham Douglas by F.Gauquelin
40 List of Gauquelin publications

APP 1.3 June 1983
03 Editorial
04 Letters - T.Weed, J.Reverchon
06 3rd London Research Conference report by S.Best
08 Good news from research (a new VC test) by G.Dean
10 Planetary types and ordinary people by W.Blaas
15 Happiness in Marriage Part II by H.Eysenck
20 The Legal Time in France by F.Gauquelin
23 The Starword Program by T.Dwyer
27 The problem of replicating astrological results by U.Mees
30 The practice of astrology by B.Dijkstra
33 Reviews of Spektrum der Parapsychologie, Astrologia si Astrolgia no
34 Abell-Kurtz-Zelen admit mistakes (excerpts from Skeptical Inquirer)

APP 1.4 September 1983
03 Editorial
04 Letters - Z.Matthews, F.Jakubowsky
06 Results of research with the Starword Program by T.Dwyer
10 The Biggest Astrology Prize by G.Dean and A.Mather
14 Methodological errors by Critics of Astrological Claims by H.Eysenck
18 Identification of an artefact in Cosmo-planetary Research by G.Le Clercq
20 Time Changes in Austria by M.Prager
21 Drug Addiction and Horoscopes by W.Martinek
26 Comments by F.Gauquelin
29 Two notes for discussion by J.Reverchon
32 The two risks with statistics by F.Gauquelin
34 Reviews Radical Astrology, Belief in Astrology by F.Gauquelin

APP 2.1 December 1983
03 Editorial
05 Extraversion and Sun Sign by A.Smithers
12 Research in astrological factors between married couples by T.Shanks
17 Moon results with a projective test by F.Gauquelin
22 Problem of the time in previous centuries by A.Libranti
26 Summertimes in Poland by M.Karlinski
28 The planets of the astrologers by F.Gauquelin
30 Letters - M.Startup, Weert, R.H.Smit, B.Hansen, I.Naiman, J.Reverchon
36 Forthcoming conferences

APP 2.2 March 1984
03 Editorial
05 Astral Heredity by C.Discepolo, M.Mauro, F.Passariello
11 A new test of zodiac signs by B.Riley
15 Computer update by C.Miles
17 Time changes in Switzerland by M.Keller
21 Time changes in the USA by A.Blackwell
22 The Mars Effect and its evaluation by H.Eysenck
27 Response to Eysenck's evaluation by M.Truzzi
28 Critique of C.G.Jung's astrological experiment by J.M.Ashmun
33 Letters - R.Ostrander, M.Karlinski, J.Reverchon, A.Muller, F.Jakubowsky, R.H.Smit
35 George 0. Abell obituary
36 Forthcoming conferences

APP 2.3 June 1984
03 Editorial (opinions from a German conference)
05 Planets and Happiness in Marriage by T.Shanks and B.Steffert
10 The Validity of Astrological Aspects by P.Niehenke
16 Birthday and Date of Death by Prof U.Mees
21 What is the Inventor's Temperament? by Weert
26 Time Changes in Spain by J.L.San Miguel de Pablos
28 The Official Recording of Birthtimes by F.Gauquelin
29 Letter from F.Schneider
31 Conference report ISAR research week 5-15 March 1984
32 Review of M.Gauquelin's The Truth About Astrology

APP 2.4 September 1984
03 Editorial
05 Zodiac signs and Planets by F.Gauauelin
12 Time Changes in Germany by F.Gauqueiin and F.Jacob
14 Astronomical Expectancy by J.Holden
17 A Study on Marriages by C.Kuypers
20 Comments by F.Gauquelin
22 Feyerabend on astrology research by J.L.San Miguel de Pablos
25 Astrology in France by J.Falbronn
28 The Myth of Saturn by G.Mirti
31 Letters - I.Grabmayr, C.Parsons, W.Holzhauser
33 Reviews of M.J.Startup PhD thesis, Bender's matching experiments

APP 3.1 January 1985
03 Editorial
05 Summary of recent research results
08 Report on 4th London Research Conference
11 Report on discussion of astrology at American Psychological Assoc Convention
12 Preliminary report on Lesbian study by L.Burmyn
15 The search for the Lesbians' planet by F.Gsuqoelin
19 A study on marriages: reply to F.Gauquelin by C.Kuypers
20 The nycthemeral expectancy by F.Gauquelin
24 More precision about Time Changes in Poland by J.S.Skepski
27 Algorithms for evaluating significance levels by G.Dean
34 The Myth of Jupiter by G.Mirti
37 Letters - K.McRitchie, S.Porter, G de Penguern, A.Richter, J.Halbronn, M.Startup, R.H.Smit
42 Reviews of Koberl's MS thesis, Gaynor's PhD thesis, Bordoni's birth data
43 Reviews of Ferguson's Stars of Dance, Steinbrecher inner guide
44 Forthcoming conferences

APP 3.2 May 1985
03 Editorial
04 A new look at aspects by F.Gauquelin
09 The origins of negativity and sexism in astrology by S.Jordan and J.Reynolds
11 Planetary position and personality, how tight is the relationship? by F.Stark
16 Sixty-eight birth charts of terrorists by L.Squitieri
22 Statistical studies into astrology (1) Clarifications by D.Valente
25 Time changes in Canada by J.Vosper
27 The case of Ontario by F.Gauquelin
29 Planets, statistics, alpha-errors, and Bayes by D.Wendt
33 Review of Planetary heredity: a reappraisal on 50,000 subjects by D.Nias
35 Reply by F.Gauquelin
42 Letters - T.Dwyer, T.Weed, G de Penguern, W.Blaas
45 Reviews of Cahiers de l'Hermetisme, Introduction a L'astrologie
45 Reviews of Guide de la vie astrologique, Ponencias presentadas
46 Data accuracy (checks on Gauquelin data)

APP 3.3 September 1985
03 Editorial
04 Reports (German TV programme, ISAR research week, Masterclass in astro research)
05 The Greek Error or Return to Babylon by F.Gauquelin
11 The Influence of Mercury on Contracts by B.Bonner
14 Mercury Retrograde and Divorces: a Reassessment by T.Shanks
18 Death by Traffic Accident by C.Kuypers
22 A control for the above by F.Gauquelin
25 The Chi Square Test by Francoise and Daniel Gauquelin
31 Subroutines: the Gauquelin Sectors by P.O.Hewit
35 More precisions about Gauquelin Sectors by F.Gauquelin
37 Time Changes in Greece by G.Archavlis
38 Data Accuracy (checks on Gauquelin data)
40 Birth certificates of John Glenn and Neil Armstrong by A.Blackwell
41 Letters - H.Braitsch, J.Hoen, G.Kaminski, K.McRitchie, T.Weed, T.Koberl, M.Gauquelin
45 Reviews of Astrologie unter der lupe, Urban-Lurain's MS thesis
45 Reviews of Valliere's almanac, Art of Mastering Astrology
46 Forthcoming conferences

APP 4.1 January 1986
03 Editorial
04 Summary of Carlson's double-blind test of astrology by F.Gauquelin
07 Critique of this test by Prof H.Eysenck
09 Critique of this test by T.Weed Hamilton
13 Astronomical problems and aspects again by F.Gauquelin
26 Brief discussion of the Gauquelin research by Z.Dobyns
28 Student's t test by F.Gauquelin
30 Time changes in Denmark by C.Borap and N.Hasseloy
31 Time changes in Norway by L.Frederiksen
32 Time changes in Sweden by I.Wilhelm
34 Data accuracy (checks of Gauquelin data)
38 Letters - S.Ertel, G de Penguern, M.Pottenger, G.Douglas, M.Urban-Lurain, J.S.Skapski
44 Reviews of International Atlas, Superprize winners
45 The 1st Eysenck Research Seminar (programme)

APP 4.2 May 1986
03 Editorial
05 Drug addicts - a Replication by A.M.Costa Ribeiro, D.DeMarco, F.Gauquelin
14 Comments on the astrological aspects by Prof A.Muller
17 Astrology, the false testimony of the cosmos by P.Niehenke
22 The Critical Ratio by Francoise and Daniel Gauquelin
27 Time changes in Malaysia by K.C.Foong
26 Time changes in Australia and New Zealand by Doris E.Greaves
32 Data accuracy (checks of Gauquelin data)
34 Letter - Francoise Schneider-Gauquelin (explains name changes)
34 Letters - T.Weed, I.Wilhelm, R.Armstrong, G de Penguern, J.N.Goetz
40 Review of MG's replication of the six geometric figures test

APP 4.3 September 1986
03 Editorial
04 Report on 1st Eysenck Research Seminar July 1986
07 James Randi and Objective Research by Prof H.Eysenck
12 How strong are planetary effects for ordinary people? by F.Stark
18 A test of sidereal sign delineations by A.Blackwell
22 Election to government ministries and transits by G.Bordoni, C.Discepolo, V.Grilli
24 The Moon's Nodes in Synastry by M.O'Neill
31 Comments on O'Neill's study by F.Gauquelin
33 Georg Tannstetter, pioneer of empiricism in astrology by F.Stuhlhofer
35 Time changes in Eire by S.Lindsay and D.Monks
37 Correlation coefficients by F.Gauquelin
39 Data accuracy (checks of Gauquelin data)
40 The computer as a tool fcr research by M.Pottenger
43 Personal perspective by Z.Dobyns
46 Reviews (no details because pages are missing from reference copy)
54 (back cover) Authors of the last two years of APP

APP 5.1 January 1987
03 Editorial
04 The Committee for Objective Research in Astrology (CORA)
06 Value of research by Prof H.Eysenck
09 A critical look at a recent study of aspects by M.Gauquelin
15 Reply to Michel Gauquelin's criticisms by F.Gauquelin
19 Analyzed by decades, the aspect effect increases by F.Gauquelin and T.Shanks
26 Modern births in Germany by L.Runnebeck-Zimmermann
32 Time Changes in British Columbia by J.S.Skapski and P.Commons
36 Data accuracy (checks of Gauquelin data)
40 Letters - S.Ertel, F.Stark, J.S.Skapski
44 Reviews of Where to write for US records, Can the Gauquelin effect be confirmed?

APP 5.2 May 1987
03 Editorial
04 Report On the 2nd Eysenck Research Seminar (with pictures)
06 Astrology's Image Crisis by R.Nolle
07 Guy de Penguern's "New Challenge" to CORA
10 F.Gauquelin's analysis of its outcomes (negative)
15 Replication of the "Gauquelin-effect" with ordinary people, by F.Stark
23 231 male homosexuals from Brazil by F.Gauquelin, A.Costa-Ribeiro, M.O'Neill
30 When the time of birth is not the natural one by F.Gauquelin
36 Local Apparent Time by A.Blackwell
39 Do you mean apparent? (comments on the above) by M.Pottenger
41 Update of time changes (international abbreviations for time zones)
42 Letters - J.Filbey, M.Gauquelin
43 Reviews of NCGR Journal, Fraternity News, Dean's article in Skeptical Inquirer

APP 5.3 September 1987
03 Editorial
04 Transcript of planetarium show mentioning Gauquelin results by K.McRitchie
05 3rd Eysenck Research Seminar in Italy June 1988 (programme)
07 Concluding on the Aspect Effect by F.Gauquelin
18 More data of Homosexuals by F.Gauquelin, J.L.Lehman, A.M.Costa-Ribeiro
27 Transits and Abduction of Children by D.P.Valentiner
32 Astrological Research and Science: some wrong attitudes by P.Niehenke
37 Seasonal Distribution of Births and Solar Wind by H.Braitsch
38 Cyclic Events in the Planetary Motions by N.Kordts
42 Anecdotal vs Scientific Research: the difference by M.Urban-Lurain
47 Letters - R.J.Pestka, K.Irving, M.O'Neill, N.Kollerstrom, P.O.Hewitt
50 Reviews of Astrology - a Science of Space and Time, Polish astro journal

Cumulative index to APP 1982-1987
At the end of 1987 Francoise Gauquelin issued the above cumulative index, which occupied seven A4 pages photo-reduced to A5. In it she gives a brief overview of the contents, ending with "Thus APP turns out to be a useful medium for remaining informed of current advances in astrological research, and communicating to others each researchers endeavors. It will try to go along these lines."

APP 6.1 January 1988
03 Editorial
04 One of the statistical pitfalls by Prof H.Tans Eysenck
06 3rd Eysenck Research Seminar in Italy June 1988 (programme)
09 Report of joint AA/NCGR London Research Conference Nov 1987
10 On resisting astrological claims by Prof V.Benassi
14 To the Editor, APP, by G.Dean (re review of his work in 5.2)
16 Reply by F.Gauquelin
16 Bias in the conduct of research by J.L.Lehman (attack on G.Dean, reply in 6.3)
19 Attempts at replicating Franz Stark's results by F.Gauquelin
26 Traffic Accident Victims and Pluto Squares: Kuypers' results verified by F.Gauquelin
28 Aspects to chart angles by M.Pottenger
34 Completed astronomical expectations for hard aspect effects by F.Gauquelin
36 Methodological issues (effect sizes are necessary) by J.E.Becerra
40 The fixed displacement control group (eg shifting date) by B.Riley

APP 6.2 May 1988
03 Editorial (APP to become NCGR Research Journal)
04 3rd Eysenck Research Seminar in Italy June 1988 (programme)
08 Interview of Seminar's organizers by G.Mirti
12 Planetary Relations with Female Notabilities by S.Ertel
16 Real Astrology Review by R.Nolle (the need for statistical research)
22 Research on 132 Murderers by L.Houston, M.Pottenger, F.Gauquelin
25 Diurnal Sector Calculations by M.Pottenger
28 Births in Brazil in 1969 by F.Gauquelin
30 Time Changes in Argentina by E.R.Dumon
31 Is the Moon or Mercury the traditional planet of writers? by F.Gauquelin
32 Letters - H.J.Eysenck, R.H.Smit, K.McRitchie, F.J.Onucki, D.Laboure
35 Letters - C.Kuypers, H.van Eysselsteyn-Kummer, A.D.Filo, J.Hoen
39 Review of Kritische Astrologie, Psychologie der Planeten, Sintesi e Interpretazione del Tema Natale

APP 6.3 September 1988
03 Editorial (more on APP to become NCGR Research Journal)
04 Interview with Maria Kay Simms (NCGR publications director)
07 NCGR, National Council for Geocosmic Research (details of)
09 Report on 3rd Eysenck Research Seminar by F.Passariello
14 Panel discussion on research methods (transcript)
18 Various Theories of Astrological Influences by R.Hand
23 More about Uranus and Murderers by L.Houston, F.Gauquelin, A.Muller, M.O'Neill
26 The MMPI Questionnaire and Planetary Angularity by E.Dinacci
29 Comments on Dinacci's article by F.Gauquelin
30 Letter from M.O'Neill and N.Kollerstrom
31 Reply to Lehman's attack on me by G.Dean
35 Review of Ertel's Grading the Eminence
39 Review of Hill & Thompson's redhead research
43 Why do astrological research and how to proceed by F.Gauquelin
47 Proceedings of 3rd Eysenck Research Seminar (how to order)

APP 7.1 March 1989 (as NCGR Research Journal)
01 Welcome by Maria Kay Simms, NCGR Publications Director

Welcome -- National Council for Geocosmic Research is pleased to present this first issue of NCGR Research Journal to be published on alternate quarters with NCGR Journal. The research issues will be entirely devoted to scientific research in astrology and to education in proper research methodology. For anyone interested in serious astrological research, our new editor Francoise Gauquelin needs no introduction. The vast and meticulous research of Francoise in collaboration with her former husband Michel Gauquelin is undoubtedly the most frequently cited work in support of an astrological effect. For several years Francoise has published Astro-Psychological Probelms, a research journal modestly produced by xerox but highly respected for its content. Francoise has recently moved from Paris to make her home in San Diego, which is also my home. ... We welcome you, Francoise, to the United States and to our NCGR publications staff.

02 Summaries in German, French, Italian and Spanish
06 Editorial
07 An Interview with Neil Michelsen by F.Gauquelin
11 Principles of Research by Prof H.Eysenck
13 Report on 7th London Research Conference by M.O'Neill
17 Astrology and the Self-Attribution Process by P.L.Iacono
21 The Moon's Nodes in Marriage - a replication by M.O'Neill
27 Reversed Eminence Correlations by S.Ertel
33 Comments on Ertel's article by F.Gauquelin
35 Comments on Ertel's article by M.Gauquelin
37 Astrolabe and Astrological Research by G.Christen, R.Hand, P.White
41 Data Accuracy (checks of Gauquelin data)
42 Letters - R.Schulz, W.Heukelom, L.Houston
45 Review of Richard Nolle's Birth Defects by F.Gauquelin
47 Reply by Richard Nolle and F.Gauquelin's answer
48 Contributors

APP 7.2 September 1989 (as NCGR Research Journal)
02 Summaries in German, French, Italian and Spanish
06 Editorial (Guidelines for Potential Contributors)
07 An Interview with Rob Hand by F.Gauquelin
11 NCGR Research, New Orleans July 1989 by F.Gauquelin
13 Matrix/NCGR, Big Rapids July 1989 by J.L.Lehman
17 Confirmation of Gauquelin Effects in 1288 Eminent Physicians by Prof A.Muller
21 Ballet Dancers and Gauquelin Sectors by M.O'Neill
23 Venus-Pluto on the Occurence Dates of Sex Murders by L.Houston
27 Sun, Uranus and Demographics by M.Pottenger (dramatic visuals)
30 Lorna Houston's Murderers Born More Often In Summer by Prof A.Muller
31 Gauquelin Heredity Data not OK as a Control Sample by M.O'Neill
33 How to Maximize the Validity of Your Statistical Tests by F.Gauquelin
35 How complex can demographic problems be? by F.Gauquelin
36 Data Accuracy (checks of Gauquelin data)
37 Letters - S.A.Celayir, S.Ertel, R.Tate, M.Gauquelin
37 Comments about Reversed Eminence Correlations by S.A.Celayir
38 Response to Celayir by S.Ertel
38 On Astrological Patterns of 572 Nobel Laureates by R.Tate
39 Some Precisions on the Spring Equinox Issue by M.Gauquelin
41 Review of Muller's article on Accident Prone Drivers
44 Contributors

APP 7.3 March 1990 (as NCGR Research Journal)
04 Summaries in Spanish and German
07 Editorial by J.L.Lehman (why do research?)
09 How to Do Research by J.L.Lehman (glossary, many figures)
27 Scrutinizing Gauquelln's Character Trait Hypothesis by S.Ertel
35 Planetary Patterns and Personality by T.Weed Hamilton
45 Pictures In the Sky by M.Harding
47 Letters - N.Kollerstrom, D.Van Toen
49 The Astrological Scene in Moscow by H.Glade
53 Answer Master by C.Hannon
54 Challenge! by C.Hannon
56 Contributors

APP 8.1 March 1992 (now back in Paris)
02 Announcing Les Cahiers du RAMS
03 Editorial by Francoise Gauquelin

Editorial -- Dear Readers, After a two years interruption due to the need to complete [in the USA] a long-due re-evaluation of the Gauquelin heredity effect, the Schneider-Gauquelin Research Journal is ready to be published again. ... Let us hope, thus, that restarting the publication of my research journal may further serious attempts to clarify whether the astrological theories really contain a factual core, what it is, how it can be explained in scientific terms. Let us hope also that it will help promote interactions between researchers in a positive way.

04 Michel Gauquel in memoriam by F.Gauquelin
06 The New Astrology by K.Irving
09 Conference Reports (Melbourne Jan 1992, UAC Apr 1992, Euroskeptics Oct 1991)
11 Planetary Heredity: New Research Results by F.Gauquelin
22 Time Changes in Australia by K.Barrett
29 Message from CORA (offers free advice on research)
30 LERRCP Publications

APP 8.2 September 1992
03 Editorial
04 In Memoriam: Michel Gauquelin by Prof H.Eysenck
06 In Memoriam: Michel Gauquelin by R.Smit
08 Bibliography of MG's publications by S.Ertel
10 M Gauquelin's library available to researchers by F.Gauquelin
11 List of LERRCP Publications
12 Why I am interested in Statistics by Cease
15 Unresolved problems (heredity, character traits, aspects, signs) by F.Gauquelin
17 Thirty-two Planetary Types (all possible combinations of MO,VE,MA,JU,SA) by F.Gauquelin
27 The Gauquelin sectors by F.Gauquelin, M.Pottenger, F.Santoni
37 Letters - D.Coe, Weert
40 Review of Skeptical Inquirer (magazine is diversifying)

APP 9.1 March 1993
03 Editorial
04 Dutch Skeptics fail to explain Mars effect by W.Heukelom
06 Moscow Association of Astrologers by V.Vaisberg
07 Shall we believe in statistics, yes or no? by J.Halbronn
09 Description of two extreme G types (out of 32) by F.Gauquelin
22 Planetary effects with female notabilities by S.Ertel
26 On rectification by the rule of Hermes by K.Tarvainen
29 Time changes in Moscow by V.Vaisberg
31 F.Gauquelin on the accuracy of birth time registration Part 1
36 List of Articles by S.Ertel on Gauquelin effects
37 List of articles by M&F Gauquelin together
40 Update to Ertel's bibliography in issue 8.2

APP 9.2 September 1993
03 Editorial
04 Correlation is coming out again
05 The 9th London Research Conference (programme)
06 MG's Planetary Temperaments vs FG's Pure Types by F.Gauquelin
13 A Study of the Gauquelin Effect with 402 Italian Writers by Prof A.Muller
22 Reply to Muller's negative study by F.Gauquelin
29 F.Gauquelin on the accuracy of birth time registration Part 2
34 The birthplanet transit hypothesis by Weert

APP 10.1 March 1994
03 Editorial
05 Report of 9th London Research Conference November 1993
06 Ongoing research projects (brief details)
07 Ordinary persons have significant angular planets by F.Gauquelin
17 The problem of Pure and Mixed Planetary Types by K.Irving
22 And Francoise Gauquelin's point of view
26 Financial Reasons for Birth Date Shifting by K.Gillman
27 Comments by F.Gauquelin
28 More comments by K.Gillman
30 Equality in Science for Men and Women by C.Smith
31 For a Rough, Independant Farmer Family: Uranus Angularities by M.Bollen
32 Comments by F.Gauquelin
33 More comments by M.Bollen
34 Reviews of West's Case for Astrology by S.Fuseau-Braesch and G.Dean.
37 Problems in computer-aided research by F.Gauquelin
42 Paris congress in March 1994 (advertisement)

APP 10.2 September 1994
03 Editorial
04 UAC-95 program now available, no research track foreseen
05 The Astro-Questionnaire Project by P.Roberts
07 Other projects in progress (brief summaries)
08 8000 chart factors tested on the Gauquelin professional data by M.O'Neill
23 The Character Trait Experiments by F.Gauquelin
32 Patrick Jerome's "Neptune Factor" discussed by P.Jerome and F.Gauquelin
48 Philippe Paquier's The most Jupiterian of Saturnians discussed by P.Pacpier and F.Gauquelin
56 Gauquelin sector Expected Frequencies by M.Pottenger
59 Time changes in Australia update by K.Barrett
60 Data accuracy (check on Gauquelin data)
62 Appeal to astrologers doing research to send details to German association

APP 11.1 March 1995
03 Editorial
04 The Euroskeptics Conference September 1994 by F.Gauquelin
07 The United Astrological Congress April 1995 by Marion D.March
08 CTH Yes or CTH No? by F.Gauquelin
18 Testing for 7th House Rulership by M.Tollefson
20 Planets in Semantic Space by G.Douglas
32 Discussion of Douglas's results by F.Gauquelin
33 Follow-up on The Neptune Factor by M.Pottenger
44 Fourier Analysis of Gauquelin data by C.Smith
50 ISAR conference July 1996 (notice)
51 Time Changes in Sweden by I.Wilhelm
54 Time Changes in Finland by K.Tarvainen

APP 11.2 September 1995
According to 11.1, the 11.2 issue was then nearly ready. But it was never published.

Outline of contents of Astrologie in Onderzoek 1977-2003

AinO front covers 1979, 1981, 1986, 2000
Left to right: TA 3.2 Winter 1979, W&A 5.2 Winter 1981, AinO 1.1 Summer 1986, and its first English issue 13.1&2 October 2000. Page size for all journals was A4. TA and W&A were stapled, AinO had thermal binding.

Several years before Correlation and APP there was Tijdschrift van de Nederlandse Vereniging tot Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek van de Astrologie [Journal of NVWOA, the Dutch Society for the Scientific Study of Astrology], published by NVWOA in the Netherlands. Known as TA, it began in 1977, changing its title in 1981 to Wetenschap & Astrologie [Science and Astrology] with the original title as a sub-title. In 1986 it was replaced by Astrologie in Onderzoek [Astrology under Scrutiny] published by Cygnea van der Hooning and Wout Heukelom as a separate venture, but issued free to all NVWOA members.

Aims and size
The aims of AinO and its precursors were similar to those of Correlation and APP but with more emphasis on philosophical issues and the problems faced by practitioners. Most of the material was peer-reviewed to maintain high standards. For such a small country (1990s population 15m) the breadth and depth of AinO's contents was remarkable, as was the steadily increasing size of each issue over the first fifteen years as shown below:

Number of standard pages per AinO issue and precursors
Number of standard pages (1000 words) per AinO issue and its precursors 1977-2003. Total words is about 1.4 million. Until 1994 there were generally two issues per year. Up to 1988 the A4 pages were typed, and sometimes the typing was photo-reduced by as much as 60%, giving much economy of space. From 1989 the pages were typeset in two columns, giving around 1000 words per page, here taken as the standard page to which previous pages have been adjusted pro rata. Actual words per issue will be less than pages x 1000 due to figures and tables.

Friendlty interchange
Unfortunately for English readers, AinO was written in Dutch and was therefore little known outside the Netherlands even though each issue contained summaries in English. Nevertheless there was a frequent friendly interchange of translated material with both Correlation and APP, largely due to Rudolf Smit and his position as typesetter and layout artist for TA, AinO (1989 on), and Correlation 1993-1998 when he was its editor. The friendly interchange is exemplified by this letter from Francoise Gauquelin published in AinO 1990, 5.1, 40:

"Dear Wout, Just a little note to tell you that I have received AinO [the winter 1989 issue] and find its presentation very well done and attractive. Like usual, its contents are full of interesting news, which the summaries in English help spot in a very convenient way. I cannot wait for the time when I will have time to restart APP and again exchange articles with AinO. Continue the good work! It is encouraging to see how your publication thrives and improves. And you manage to bring together an excellent team of collaborators. Compliments from Francoise, San Diego."

Price and circulation
Annual price 1977-1986 including surface postage was 22.50 guilders, then about $US7.50 or £5.20. Then as size and production costs increased, the annual price steadily increased from 28 guilders in 1987-1990 through 36 guilders in 1994-1999 to 40 guilders in 2000. Annual price in 2003 was 18.15 euros, about $US25 or £12.50. Circulation (nearly all within the Netherlands) was about 100 in the 1980s and 140 in the 1990s. Despite the excellence of its contents, the general lack of positive scientific findings in astrology led inevitably to a reduction in publication frequency from twice a year to once a year from 1994, and nothing after 2003. In 2008 it was decided to produce a final issue in English that would include summaries of all significant articles since 1977, including all empirical studies -- an ambitious and time-consuming task that was not completed until 2011.

Examples of AinO articles
The AinO articles that are abstracted in Best (of Correlation etc) on this website under Tests of Astrology are as follows (N=18):

Results of research group on marriage partners TA 1978
Two tests of astrologers TA 1978 and 1979
Sign of Venus and Mars in choice of marriage partners W&A 1983
Horary astrology remains unreliable AinO 1989
Science as a way to consensus AinO 1990
Planetary aspects at 500 violent deaths AinO 1990
1500 cases of death AinO 1991
The devil and his advocate AinO 1991
Birth time reconstruction AinO 1990-1992
Sun sign at birth vs life span for 7136 people AinO 1992
Sign and branch of study for 8379 university students AinO 1992
Unprofessional tendencies in astrology AinO 1992
Guessing sun, moon and ascending signs AinO 1992
A prediction based on Uranus-Neptune conjunctions AinO 1992
Jungian typology and astrology: an empirical test AinO 1993
Waves and wars 1700-1992 AinO 1993
Difficulties in attempting to study the meaning of Pluto AinO 1993
Authenticity a precondition for tests of astrology AinO 1995

Outline of contents of Kosmos 1978-1995

Kosmos covers 1978-1995
Left to right: Kosmos volume 8.1 (1978) with a cover design that, other than colour, remained unchanged until 22.3 (1993). Size was 14x22 cm until 24.2 (1995), when it became 22x28 cm, all centre-stapled.

Aims and size
Kosmos is the quarterly publication of the USA-based International Society for Astrological Research founded in 1968. The aims of ISAR are "to assist in the development and use of astrological techniques, to encourage responsible astrological research and to establish hidh professional standards of competence in the field of astrology". However, Kosmos during 1978-1995 (the only years in our library) was more an astrological journal than a scientific research journal. There were generally 48 pages per issue with around 300 words of full-size typing per page, or 350 from 1992, a total of about 0.9 million words 1978-1995.

Price and circulation
The price of Kosmos was included in the annual ISAR membership fee of $US15 1978-1987, and $US20 1988-1995, which over 1978-1995 represents an increase of only 1.7% pa. Circulation in 1994 was about 450.

Examples of Kosmos articles
Most articles were reprinted conference talks by members with titles such as "Karmic destiny" and "Stress in the horoscope" containing uncritical statements such as "Fire thrives on harmony and agreement" and "One glance at X's fixed T-square shows ...". Few were empirical studies, and even fewer used controls. The Kosmos articles that are abstracted in Best (of Correlation etc) on this website under Tests of Astrology are as follows (N=14):

Chart interpretation: an alternative strategy for counseling Kosmos 1978
Professional astrology discussion Kosmos 1984
Planetary motions and the occurrence of earthquakes Kosmos 1985
A computer study of relationships Kosmos 1985
A test of house systems Kosmos 1987
Personal computers and the new astrology Kosmos 1987
Methodological issues Kosmos 1987
Research: Some concepts Kosmos 1988
A Sun/Moon sign analysis of football notables Kosmos 1988
Going a step FARther Kosmos 1989
An open letter to national public radio Kosmos 1990
Saturn-Uranus and the weather Kosmos 1992
Astrologically predictable patterns in work-related injuries Kosmos 1993
Mercury stations Kosmos 1994

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