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Research results (91 abstracts)
From Correlation, APP, AinO, and Kosmos

Abstract -- Contains abstracts of 91 studies, most of them empirical, from four astrological research journals. There are 37 abstracts from Correlation: Journal of Research into Astrology 1981-2007 published by the British Astrological Association, 22 from the now defunct Astro-Psychological Problems 1982-1995 published by Francoise Gauquelin in France and (in 1989-1990) by the National Council for Geocosmic Research in the USA, 18 from Astrologie in Onderzoek [Astrology under Scrutiny] 1986-2003 published by Wout Heukelom in the Netherlands, including its precursors 1977-1985 published by NVWOA the Dutch Society for Scientific Research into Astrology, and 14 from Kosmos 1978-1994 published by ISAR, the USA-based International Society for Astrological Research. At the time the first three journals were the world's only peer-review astrological journals devoted to scientific research, whereas Kosmos was more an astrological journal than a scientific research journal, hence the fewer abstracts. The abstracts are comprehensive, averaging 270 words (range 80 to 950), and are annotated with later information where necessary. Most are from 1980-2000 when scientific research into astrology was at its peak. There are nine figures. These abstracts are the next best thing to being there. They illustrate the topics then being investigated by astrologers and others, the immense labour that could be involved, the results that were invariably incommensurate with astrological claims, and the then intense scientific interest in astrology that (in view of the negative results) will most likely never arise again. The areas covered are: Character (11 abstracts), Events (17), Signs (16), Aspects (5), Houses (3), Gauquelin Effect (11), Tests of Astrologers (12), Approaches to Research (16).

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