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of Recent Advances in Natal Astrology

Interviews in 1978, 1985, 1989 about this 1977 milestone and its update

Abstract -- The publication in 1977 of Recent Advances in Natal Astrology: A Critical Review 1900-1976 is widely regarded as a milestone in the history of scientific astrology. It led to a boom in research, and to the founding of London research conferences and the research journal Correlation. But most astrologers regarded it with horror before retreating en masse from critical thinking. Those times have been recorded in three published interviews:{ (1) Dean and Mather interviewed by Malcolm Dean in 1978. Covers origins of Recent Advances (it was needed), how it was compiled (get help from around the world), the enthusiastic support of the Astrological Association (especially Charles Harvey), and the next step (complete literature retrieval and coverage of missed topics). (2) Charles Harvey interviewed by Michael Erlewine in 1985. Covers the support given by the Astrological Association and some later reactions (Recent Advances gives the facts and figures but neglects what astrologers love and which draws people to astrology). (3) Geoffrey Dean interviewed by Rudolf Smit in 1989. Covers reactions (mixed), new research (also mixed), status of the next step (much has been published), and the pains and pleasures (new discoveries and support from informed others make it rewarding). An update on the next step (RA2, for which a close approximation is this website and Astrology under Scrutiny) covers work already published, and compares topics in the 1970s (chart factors) with those of today (artifacts and faulty reasoning). Includes a possible birth chart of Recent Advances. If nothing else, Recent Advances has shown how lighting candles is more productive than cursing the darkness.

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