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Astrology as religion
The spiritual dimension of astrology

David Hamblin

From his letter in Astrological Journal 32(6), 406-407, 1990, with later postscripts.

Abstract -- The author, a former Chairman of the UK Astrological Association, spent much time testing astrological claims but found no evidence in their favour. Eventually he gave up reading birth charts but retained his interest in astrology. He argues that the spiritual dimension is a necessary part of human existence, and that for many astrologers, astrology is a religion rather than a science. It enriches their lives (and the lives of their clients) in the same way that other people's lives are enriched by Christianity. So why not allow astrologers to practise their religion in peace rather than constantly press them to turn it into a science? Even if astrology isn't really "true", it is still a wonderful thing, a fantastically complex and beautiful construct that draws our attention to the heavens and makes us aware that we are a tiny yet still significant part of the universe. Most astrologers are affected by this, and have a quality of beauty in themselves.

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