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Reference alert 1900-2007
Nearly 1700 references with author, title, source

Abstract -- This article provides nearly 1700 references to astrology obtained in December 2007 by entering the keyword astrology or astrolog* into ten online academic databases selected for relevant content and covering journals, books and theses in the fields of arts, biology, business, history, humanities, medicine, psychology, science, and social sciences. The databases are Biological Abstracts, British Theses, Current Contents, ERIC, Medline, Ovid Journals, Proquest Dissertations, PsycINFO, Sociological Abstracts, and Web of Science. Each reference (author, title, source) has been condensed to fit one line without overflowing the screen. References are listed by year, then alphabetically by author. About 94% of references are from 1970 onwards. Purely empirical studies are about 10% of the total. Abstracts are not included but may be obtained from the relevant online database.

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